Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Freaking Sea Hawks!

You ever seen a man so mad he wants to punch you? This typically happens at sporting events. Sporting events like the Super bowl. This story begins with me and Pablo watching the Super Bowl at a classy joint called, "Apple Bees." To begin with, I'm a might confused with my good buddy Pablo, considering he was a Seahawks fan last year. We both up and switched our team from Bronco's to Seahawks after a long debate about our loyalty to a team that was never going to have another John Elway. Dude made that team! Know what I mean? Anyways, I decided to up and switch teams this year after a general consensus and merge of ideals. Now I don't exactly know for sure what happened, but Pablo up and switched sides on me at the last minute. I suppose that's because the sports bar we was in was full of fans wearing Patriots parofanilia. Anywho, whatever his reasoning, he became a die hard fan. I gotta be honest, that up and pissed me off! Well, long story short, the more emphatic my best bud was for the other team, the more mad I got. I didn't lose my cool (probably cause my beer goggles was low) but I did end up making a wager I now regret. I bet Pablo the Seahawks was going to win. He took my bet, but since money is a scarce resource, we bet on the only abundance we have.... hair. As ya'll know, my Hawks lost... and with them, I lost my full head of hair and all my facials. I aint gonna be puttin up pics for awhile since I feel like a shaved bear. Anywho, after my public humiliation, Pablo said one of the dumbest things I ever heard him say. He said, "I wasn't going to collect on the bet. I don't know what happened. Those guys got me all riled up and now... you're ugly!" So happy Super bowl ya'll.

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