Thursday, April 16, 2015

Spring is in the air...

Aint nothing like spring! I love seeing the new critters frolic around. Just the other day, we was catching some good sized trout and I couldn't help but take it all in. The snow capped mountains stood out in stark contrast to them emerald meadows. Beautiful yellow and white dandelions popped up over the tall green grass and littered the field like stars scattered across the sky. It was a breath taking moment. Then I seen this little lamb following it's mother. Don't really understand the bond between youngens and mothers. It aint seen, but it certainly exists. Only trace I ever seen exists on the expression of a mother's face. Saw the same sort of thing with a calf. It just followed it's mother all around. Even little critters like prairie dogs linger near their mothers. Ducklings march in a straight line. Even to their detriment. Saw a mother duck leading her ducklings across the highway. A semi squished one of her chicks flat, and to my complete surprise, she turned around and checked on it. Only a mother would do that, turn to check on the one at the risk of losing the others. Independence is a rare trait in the domesticated wild. Only animal I seen with more independence then a teenage girl is kittens. Them little fuzz balls wander away from their ma's more often than Audrey wanders away from us. Anywho, she don't really like it when we talk about her now. She's #tots terrified we'll embarrass her. Anyway just thought I'd write a bit about the changing season. Course it don't matter much since winter won't let go. Storm is rolling in and snow flakes is starting to fall. Forget everything I just said. Spring aint no where near us. Winter is holding on tighter than a pit-bull dawg!

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