Monday, August 25, 2014

A tribute to the Yeti

It's been several weeks since Moonshine booked it. I sure do miss that fella. I don't know if ya'll have ever lost someone close to you, but if you have, then I'm sure you can relate when I say, you feel real empty inside. Losing my fishing buddy, my debate partner, and a fellow philospher extrodinare happened all at once. Conversations have veered away from cosmic questions, to business. In fact, all we talk about these days is making benjamins. Course we aint actually done that yet, but we do have quite a few George Washingtons, Abe Lincolns, and occasionally, Andrew Jacksons. Anywho, as we was out sellin tacos last week, we stumbled across this sign. This here post is a tribute to Moonshine, the Yeti.

Do ya'll see a resemblance?

I hope you are enjoying your first year of college, Moonshine!

Monday, August 18, 2014

What makes America great? By Pablo Escobar...

Just kidding, it's me... Pablo. My last name is not Escobar, that's my cousin ;-) Today, I want to tell you three things that make America great:

1) Anyone can start a business. Take for example my recent venture. Because Audrey wants to go to the movies and stuffs all the time, I decided I needed to start making some money. I did not have to bribe a permit man to make a sign and start selling all the fishies H.R. catches. I did not have to give the local constables free tacos. I did not have to pay some thug half my earnings so he would not beat me up and rob me. No sir, I just had to make a sign and start selling the best fish tacos you have ever tasted. To this, I swear!

2) If you have the idea, people will help you do it. Take for example this short video Audrey took of this fine young man helping me sell tacos.

I'm not exactly sure why he has fishing tackle tied around his waist, but it worked!

3) People actually pay for what you are selling. In my country, this is hardly the case. I have made many tacos in my day. When I was a boy, I tried to start this exact same business. Everyone ate my tacos, but no one would pay for them. And when I would run out of ingredients, the big scary men who built a lot of buildings would yell, "Pablo, give me three of those really amazing tacos!" I would tell them that, "I can't, I have no monies for the meat cause you guys did not pay me for my last tacos." And they would say, "No problem Pablo, just go find a kitty cat or something." I'm not actually one to mix ingredients, but I am really glad that peoples in America pay for the most amazing tacos they have ever tasted.

If you see us selling tacos, you simply must try them! Thank you, that is all.