Friday, February 28, 2014

My name is Pablo

Hola Amigos! For our next olympix event, Pablo, will be spelling his name. Big P, little a. Little b, little l, little o, that spells Pablo! Can't tell ya'll how long this took Pablo. Dude gets fixated on something and there is just no turning his brain off! Once he commits, he's full steam ahead! Sometimes, Moonshine and him can spend hours doing nothing and laughing about it. Those two crack me up!

Take for example this name spelling contest. Those two knuckle heads spent hours stomping down the snow. They even got me in on it. Anywho, we got his name spelled out and he was like, "I can't see it!" So he got off the lake and stood on high.

I aint never seen him look so dignified. I was impressed by Pablo's determined look and mighty intense gaze. When he tries, he looks fierce. Anyway, I got some more pages off to Nerd Chick. She sure doesn't take long to get them back. Hope ya'll like them, take care, Henry Ranger. 


Setchra smiles. “You will fear me less,” she heaves, snapping her tail, “when I walk on two legs like you.”  
Clattering clacks on the rocks cause Princess to shudder, “Do you hear that?” 
Setchra looks around. Her omniscient sight penetrates the looming sea mist, which reveals orange hairy crabs, scampering over the oval rocks. Princess watches the cantankerous crabs pinch each other's legs as they duel for the mermaid's savory scales. 
A pile of translucent scales now rest beneath the mermaid’s half flesh, half scaly legs. She grabs a kelp vine and wraps the lengthy wet leaves around her waist, fashioning a dark, glistening skirtWith a few more powerful flips, the fine bones of Setchra’s tail abruptly separate into two feet, completing her conversion 
Princess’ eyes widen in shock as she witnesses the transformation. She takes a deep breath and inhales the cool night sea air. She pulls her head in like a turtle’s and lifts her shoulders up towards her ears so tightly that it feels like her little head could pop off at any moment.  
“Does it hurt?”  
“A little,” Setchra calmly responds. 
Setchra carefully stands, putting one wobbly foot forward on the shifting beach stones. “Now you can trust me.” She takes a step and her leg wobbles. “Ohhwwe” she cries out before falling to the cold stony ground.  
 “Heeheehee,” Princess giggles.  
“Must I crawl before I walk?” Setchra gripes. She reaches for Princess, who provides a flimsy shoulder. Setchra stands and takes one small step forward, then two, then three, until she finally remembers the balance required for walking.  
“Oh my, I almost forgot!” She pats her human-like hipbones, shifting one hip then the other, feeling the sharp angles move beneath her fingertips. Setchra takes wobbling steps towards a mound of seaweed on the shore. She falls to her knees and rakes her delicate fingers over a clump of seaweed.  
“What are you searching for?” Princess asks, keeping a safe distance from the water as her unspoken gratitude for finally arriving on shore.  
“A bulb,” Setchra replies, tossing handfuls of seaweed to her left and right. Finally, Setchra finds what she’s looking for. She latches onto a long, slimy cord of kelp with a round bulb end as big as her fist. Rising up, she returns to Princess. “We’ll be leaving soon.” 
“Where are we going?” Princess asks.  
Setchra bites down on the piece of the bulb nearest to the vine. A hundred sand fleas leap off the algae and tickle her face.  
Tep-meneble” she says through a mouth full of seaweed. 
Princess gives her a stern look and points her finger authoritatively. “You are not supposed to speak with your mouth full!”  
Setchra glances at Princess as she spits out pieces of the slimy green bulb, then picks her teeth. 
“Truffle Nufflele.”  
Princess wrinkles her brow in confusion and squeaks, “Huh?” 
The lovely mermaid tilts her head to the side and pulls her finger out of her mouth. “I’m taking you to Tremble Nemble,” Setchra says clearly. “But first, I have to find a blue ring octopus.” The duo move towards a trickling stream that runs down from the shadowy mountains towards the ebony ocean.  
At the bank Princess curiously watches while the upright mermaid flips over flat, round rocks, carefully ensuring that her feet don’t get wet.  
“What happens if your feets gets wet?”  
Setchra holds her hands up like gills around her mouth and sucks her lips into a fish shape. “I turn back into a fish.”  
Princess childishly giggles, “I like you!”  

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