Monday, September 29, 2014

Prince & Princess is like Heinz ketchup...

Good things come to those who wait!

The moment I never thought would come, has finally arrived. My book is finished and ready for sale! Can't believe it took dang near a year to write this thing and although it's the most difficult task I've ever under taken, I'd say it's darn worth it! I'm sure most you are like, "yeah, we know you gotta book, you been posting it all over them comicon pictures." To that I must say, it wasn't actually my book, that was just a rough draft that got worked up. You know it was a fake cause the back says, "PROOF". Which according to Nerd Chick isn't proof you have a book, it's a "proof read."

Anywho, I got me a published book with my name on it. My blood sweat and tears went into this here and Nerd Chick done helped put it together. Thank you Nerd Chick! Your the best Nerd whose a chick I ever known. Pablo and I are singing your praises and dancing the la cooka rocha around the book!

He especially likes this part.

I aint never seen Pablo dance like that. Didn't tell him and Moonshine (God bless you where ere you are) that I decided to put their pic in the back of the book. Them fella's has been such an inspiration to me and I mean heck, they been along for most of the ride. The day we took this pic, was a special moment to me. We survived the winter and I aint never going to forget all these fellas has done for me. Just seemed like they should be apart of it. 

   Any o'l who, every party has to get crashed, which is apparently my daughter Audrey's job. She killed the mood by asking, "how do we sell it?" That right there is a dang good question. How do you sell this here book? Anyone got any ideas?


Friday, September 26, 2014


Now that the ice bucket challenge is long over, I got to thinking... What if I could do something like that for my book? By that I mean, what if I could start a campaign that got people to buy my book? So instead of dumping ice on your head and challenging each other to freeze yourselves to dang near death, what if ya'll challenged each other to read a book? Doesn't have to be my book, but it would be pretty dang cool if it was! I imagine my social media campaign would go something like this.

ME: "Hey Joker!"

JOKER: "Yessss?"


JOKER: "Oh, well since you put it that way..."

JOKERS GIRLFRIEND: "We gotta book!" 

Pablo: "Be like Joker and his woman, GETTA BOOK!"

I think this will totally work! Have a good one ya'll and in case ya forgot: GETTA BOOK HERE: P&P

Monday, September 15, 2014

Setchra, the mermaid...

Mermaid from Comic Con

I get asked a crap ton of questions where I came up with Setchra, the mermaid. It all came about when I was a young boy. As I said awhile ago, I lived with a woman on the mississippi river. This kind lady referred to herself as the lady of the lake. She practically raised me. Her name was Ms. M. She was a good woman. A hard working woman who was as kind as heaven itself. Ms. M used to tell me, that if I was a good boy, beautiful mermaids from the caribbean would swim up that great mississippi river, crawl along the banks, and deposit shiny pennies for me to find. She sold me that tale a thousand times. And I bought, every time. Ms. M would say, "they'll be coming for you cause I toss berries in the river and they love berries." I asked how the mermaids might know if I was good? Ms. M said, "I won't toss the berries if you aren't good and they won't leave those gorgeous copper pennies." I said, "I could just toss the berries in there myself. In fact, I could toss more than you! Then they'd bring me more pennies." To which that wise woman responded, "Sure you could do that, if you knew which ones." Ms. M always had the upper hand on me. I didn't always find pennies along the banks, but when I did, I knew it was cause I was a good boy. When I asked Ms. M about the mermaids, she described them same as I did. My mind would grow insatiable, and  I would pepper Ms. M up with questions and exhaust that sweet old woman's brain. I always knew when she reached her end cause she'd say, "Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera." Hence, you have Setchra. And if ya'll ask me any more, I'll say, "etcetera, etcetera, etcetera."

Friday, September 12, 2014

The odd ducks of comic con...

Not really sure how to classify this next one, therefore, I dub it, "the odd duck costumes of comic con". To set a standard for what is an odd duck and what isn't, let's begin with Dead Pool Gandalf, which you can clearly see below.

This man obviously combined costumes, but just to be sure, I asked him if he killed Gandalf and wore his beard, cape, and took his staff. He stuttered a bunch, but eventually confirmed that he was in fact trying to combine outfits. So clearly, he is not an odd duck. The young woman in the picture below on the other hand... clearly an odd duck! Who or what in the heck is she? She looks normal, but she's wearing a red scarf. When asked what her character was, she couldn't tell me because I didn't recognize her. She qualifies as an odd duck.

These two stunning ladies definitely qualify as odd ducks!

I aint sure what this little girl was supposed to be. She got a unicorn horn, and angel wings, but her green hair threw me. Is she a Unicorn angel or something? Anywho, she put a lot of work into her costume, so she gets an A+ in my book... but she is certainly an odd duck.

I aint exactly sure what this critter is supposed to be. I put him in the demon category, but apparently that's wrong. He's some character from some internet thing. Anywho, he's definitely an odd duck! Mostly cause he aint got no eyes.

This pic is just to get you back to zero. She aint an odd duck, but I aint exactly sure who she's supposed to be. I guess she's the female version of captain hook, but without the hook. Anywho, she's hot so that disqualifies her from odd duckdom.

I love this pic. Something about blue hair makes me laugh. All giggles aside though, she's an odd duck because I have no freaking clue who she is!

I aint exactly sure who this chick is, but she walked around with Zelda all day, so I assume she's got something to do with that. She's definitely an odd duck!

I aint exactly sure who this chick is either, but any chick that carries around a Samurai sword in a navy chick suit is a-ok in my book. And since she's carrying my book, that makes her double ok. Anywho, them are the odd ducks of comic con. Enjoy! And if you aint got my book yet, get to gettin: Prince & Prince, Into the Shadows

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Couples of Comic con SLC 2014

Wanna train a dragon ladies? First you gotta train yourself a man! Good luck with this Viking. He's bone headed, clumsy, fool hearted, and at times, just plain stupid. Them are all characteristics I personally subscribe to, so it's probably time for me to go train dragons. Boyah! That would rock!

I aint exactly sure what this robo dude is doing with a gold mouse, but whateves. 

Now here's a magical couple. I bet they met at Hogwarts or some such.

Now this couple was from that movie Guardians of the Galaxy. Audrey loved that movie, so I guess I like it too. I don't think they look anything like Star Lord and whatever that Green chicks name is that had all them daddy issues. But it's still fun to see them at Comic con. 


Same theme, different actors. Believe it or not, the chick in the mask is a chick. I think these two look way more like them actors in Guardian of the galaxy then the two above... even though the couple below is both chicks. 

I like these two a lot. This is Mystique and Dude Mystique. Sooo awesome! Could ya'll imagine that? You could turn into whoever you wanted and do... just about anything ;-) (kids ya'll kids read this!) 

Kind of shocks me that people don't know what movie these Ghostbuster look a likes hail from. Though the chick costume is not historically accurate, on account of their aint no chick ghost busters, I hear that's about to change. So that should be something to look forward to. 

Flyn Ryder & Rapunzel... In my humble opine, these two is spittin images! Good job guys. Love the book too!

First fem storm trooper I ever seen. The world is changing boys. Hot chicks is entering the ranks and I don't think storm troopers is upset about that. 

Mr. & Mrs. Joker are a straight trip. Best dang costumes and freaking amazing poses. They should be in the next Bat movies. 

His Lord & Lady Comicon. Jolly old fellows enjoying a dang good book and such. I highly recommend ya'll do the same. Get it here: 

Or get the book here: 

Dudes of Marvel Comic con 2014

Guess ya'll can tell I like Marvel way more than DC. Mostly cause I grew up on these comics. Anywho, I got some duplicates so ya'll can tell me which one you like best.

This here is the only Deadpool I have....

Mostly cause this fella below is Deadpool meets Gandalf, meets Prince & Princess

Thor is the man! This dude looks so much like him. By the way, that's a tots different Deadpool in the back ground.

Loki seems to be a pretty popular costume. There were many fem Loki's.

Captain America meets the Winter Soldier

And this here is the real winter soldier

Course what would comic con be like without Wolverine

Spiderman shot a web at my book, wasn't able to get him pulling it in though, but trust me, he did ;-)

Hope ya'll liked the pics. I'll throw some more up tomorrow.

In case you don't know by now, that's my freaking book! I wrote it! I made it! I thought it up! Go get it here: 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Dudes of DC SLC Comic con 2014

Sorry I didn't get very  many dudes from DC ya'll. I did a real bad job. There was a crap ton of batman, riddlers, jokers, and such and I totally dropped the ball. Anywho, these are the dudes of DC.

Check out the dudes of Marvel tomorrow. Anywho, that's my book and ya'll ought to freaking have it: 

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Chicks of Comic con

This next section, I call, "The Chicks" for obvious reasons. But since there were so many, I'm breaking them up into DC chicks and Marvel chicks. Hope ya'll like it.


I aint exactly sure where this chick belongs. She's dressed like Princess Leia, but she's crossed themes with Harley Quinn. For that reason, I'm going to put her in both Star Wars and DC categories. She's certainly earned double entry, I mean heck, she choked out Jabba and probably made him laugh a little.

These ladies are straight poison. As Audrey would say, "Who wore it best?"

Female joker. Love it!

I'll show ya'll the Marvel chicks tomorrow. In case ya'll didn't know, that's my freaking book. Go get it here: 

Monday, September 8, 2014

Salt Lake City Comic Con freaking rocks a'Con!

Oh man, I had sooo much freaking fun at Salt Lake Comic Con! For those of you who don't know about Comic Con, it's the biggest Halloween costume party I ever been to, except, it aint on Halloween. It's all about something I know little to nothing about: "POP CULTURE." Anywho, Pablo got spooked on the way in, which I was expecting. I'm not a big fan of crowds either and I wasn't too surprised when he stepped out of line and said he had to, "shed a tear for the President," which is Pablo's way of saying he has to take a piss... Sooo I was all by myself. I know that shouldn't be such a big deal, but this place was packed and I don't really like crowds and as ya'll can see, this here is a freaking crowd!

That's just walking through the entrance. Anywho, I'm pleased to announce that "Prince & Princess, Into the Shadows," was the most popular book at the show. I broke all these down into categories, so I look forward to ya'lls thoughts.

This first category is the group of folks I was a bit surprised to see. I call it, class pics, and like all year books, it's introduced by teachers first. Ya'll should know these professors.


And this here is the class of Harry Potter, Salt Lake Comic Con 2014. Oh, and just so we keep this simple, everyone is a senior!

                                                 This little fella is HP

Hope ya'll like it. I'm getting more pics up tomorrow. I'll be putting them up all week. See ya'll tomorrow! Oh and by the way, to get the book, just click the link: