Saturday, January 11, 2014

Welcome to Lake Powell

Well it took us a mighty long time to get on down here. For those of you who have not been through the southern parts of Colorado and Utah, you should know a few things about these parts. First off, as hot and miserable as these deserts are during the day, I ain't never seen more pretty sunrises and sun sets in all the land. Oh, and at night, there's more stars in these skies than people on earth.
Like most journeys, there was ups and downs, but I'd have to say, we had way more ups than downs this time around. We didn't even have to hike the whole way down here. We found a ride on the steel horse. For those of you adventurers who travel cross country, you'll know what I'm talking about ;-)

So anywho, here we are. Lake Powell Colorado!... or possibly Utah.
Before our arrival, we found a place called four corners. There's a place called four corners, that's where Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah meet just perfectly. It's an interesting place. You can actually be in four states at one time! Here's a few pictures of me and Moonshine making dust angels on the four corners or there about.

I had one leg put in New Mexico at the same time my other leg was in Arizona, while my arm was in Colorado at the same time my other arm was in Utah and guess what, my head was of course, in the clouds.

Moonshine sure thought it was funny that I had my parts scattered in four seperate states, so he jumped on in and made himself a dust angel too.

Not exactly sure why Pablo didn't get in on the fun. That sand was soft as silk. But anywho, I guess where he's from, dirt angels aint something to be celebrated. He prayed to the angels. Pablo said, "It is a sign from God." Dude can be weird sometimes!

Anywho, it was like I was saying earlier. Getting down here was not that easy. We walked a lot and talked a lot. Moonshine and I do that when we ain't fishing and even when we are sometimes. You might say we are philosophers of the sandy sea. Well, anywho Moonshine got me thinking about love and such again. For those of you who haven't read the post "What is love," you might want to. This next part will make more sense.

We was sitting on this big rock then out of nowheres he hits me with an even deeper question. Moonshine: "What do you think women want?"
Me: "I aint no mind reader!" I answer.
Moonshine: "What do you think men want?" he asks swifter than a jack rabbit running blind.
Me: "That's easy!" I holler at him.

On this topic, I consider myself an export.
Men Want
1) Sex
  2) Beer
  3) Food

And depending on the man and his state of exhaustion, a man may also want.

Or Men Want
1) Sex
  2) Food
 3) Beer

Well, this here list got me thinking, women can't be that much different than men. I mean in my experience women want the following.

  Women Want
  1) Food
  2) Beer
3) Sex

Unlike men, women are uncompromising in this particular order. Exhausted or not, they must be whined and dined, this much I know to be true.  What are your thoughts world? 
Anywho, that's enough for now. I need to get back to doing what I do best, fishing. Ya'll take care!



  1. I generally like you guys, but that's a pretty messed up list (for men and women)! I'm still working on mine, but I would think something like this for women:
    1) respect/to be cherished
    2) security/commitment
    3) affection

    1. Thanks H.R. My Mom says I can't do the blog any more. This is your blog now!

  2. Sorry Juan. One day you'll want answers and this will help you down that difficult path.

  3. Uh....really? This is a hard like for me.

  4. I thought you were funny….until I read this. You are disgusting.


  6. It's not my blog! Tio took it from me. I just right comments and g+ it. Ahhh...

  7. You definitely have an interesting point of view.