Friday, February 28, 2014

My name is Pablo

Hola Amigos! For our next olympix event, Pablo, will be spelling his name. Big P, little a. Little b, little l, little o, that spells Pablo! Can't tell ya'll how long this took Pablo. Dude gets fixated on something and there is just no turning his brain off! Once he commits, he's full steam ahead! Sometimes, Moonshine and him can spend hours doing nothing and laughing about it. Those two crack me up!

Take for example this name spelling contest. Those two knuckle heads spent hours stomping down the snow. They even got me in on it. Anywho, we got his name spelled out and he was like, "I can't see it!" So he got off the lake and stood on high.

I aint never seen him look so dignified. I was impressed by Pablo's determined look and mighty intense gaze. When he tries, he looks fierce. Anyway, I got some more pages off to Nerd Chick. She sure doesn't take long to get them back. Hope ya'll like them, take care, Henry Ranger. 


Setchra smiles. “You will fear me less,” she heaves, snapping her tail, “when I walk on two legs like you.”  

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

I'm flying, Moonshine

If ya'll ever watched the movie tiytanic, with that Kate Winslet, and Leonardo DiCaprio, ya'll will love this. So Pablo was a bit disturbed that I couldn't get his hefty butt off the ground. Considering this here is a no mans land, and also considering we don't have any dang T.V., we decided to reenact the entire tiytanic motion picture for ya'll right here, in the middle of this frozen Utah lake. Be mindful that the ice is much thinner where Pablo is standing, so at any dang time, his chubby cheeks could crash right through the ice and he could die just like Jack died!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Lift off!

Well, I gotta say, as cold as this place looks, it really aint that cold. Moonshine and I are fine in our sleeping bags and Pablo sleeps under his blanket. He thinks sleeping bags is for suckers. Once, he told he us how he's a scared of sleeping bags cause his brothers forced him down in one and pinched the lid off. Said he got stuck in there forever and now, when he sleeps in a sleeping bag, he has sleeping bag nightmares. I can account for the truthfulness of this account as one night, I heard a mighty moaning. I looked up and saw Pablo trying to claw his way out of his sleeping bag. Pablo was a holerin so loud, he woke up Moonshine. Wakin up Moonshine is a bad idea. He aint never been in no war or anything like that, but he sure acts like he has. The two of them yelled at each other till Pablo finally woke up and peeled the sleepin bag off himself. I aint never seen him sleep in a bag since then. He wraps himself in his sombrerar and keeps the fire going all night. Anywho, like I was saying, it really aint that bad out here. Only when we first got here and now, I seem to have adapted. I suppose that happens in most places. When I go from Illinois on down to the Mississippi it always seems hot at first, but it calms down just right. Well, anyways, Nerd Chick compiled some more photos of us. She seems to like sending us gifts. I don't really mind though, as long as I don't stare at the screen too long. Check out the gift below and let me know what you think. This here is in the spirit of Olympics, so I suppose ya'll will like it.  

As many of you know, I've been composing my second chapter and I've recently compiled it. Nerd Chick has been a huge help too! So I'd like to say thanks to her! Thanks Nerd Chick! If ya'll want to read this here, go on and take a look below. If not, thanks for stopping by. Now go get the book:


The hollow tree trunk orients itself straight up and bobs in the water.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Skate off!

In the spirit of competition, we held a second event for our olympix. We call this here the ten meter dash.

Moonshine was bad mouthing me the whole time. He's all like, "I can beat you in a two legged race with one leg and no toes." So I figured I'd rise to the challenge.

I was kind of nervous at first on account of Pablo psyching us out with fake numbers. He's all, "ono, dose, trace..." I don't know what none them numbers mean. Course he thought he was super funny, so he kept starting over. He held us in the racing position with stupid count downs like this here, "ono, dose, trace... lego!" And "ono, dose, trace, house of cards!" Anywho, it took him a dang while to finally say, "ono, dose, trace, Undelay, undealy, ariba, ariba!" I think that means go.

I was not expectin Moonshine to come out of the gate skatin in a blaze of fury, but sure enough, he did!

Course we don't actually have skates, so maybe he was just better running on ice than I was, but he got a pretty stout lead.

Anywho, I don't want to tell you who won, and it aint like it really even matters, because here's the deal, we enjoy the spirit of competition. And that's all that dang matters! Well anyways, since we aint got skates and such, we're just going to have to have a different sort of competition. Next challenge, name off. Ya'll are gonna love that!
     For those of you who are interested, I put up a few more pages of the story. Next Sunday, I suppose I'll compile them and be at the end of chapter 2. Pretty exciting 'eh? Well, I'll talk to you all later.

Chapter 2 (contd) 

Princess uselessly swipes at the manta ray. Suddenly, the log comes to a halt within the pulling waves.

Saturday, February 22, 2014


So this here lake is froze pretty dang solid. Anywho, winter Olympix is goin and such, so I thought me and Pablo could do a little ice duo. Here's our version of figure skating.

I looked at Pablo and posed for the lift. He spread his wings like an eagle and got ready to fly.

Moonshine was all like, "fly birdy fly!"

Not sure why, but Moonshine's hollerin got me believing that I could lift that hefty feller right of the ground and toss him up into the air.

Course that aint what actually happened. I tried to lift Pablo high in the sky, hoping he'd get off the ground, but nope, he threw his back out, squawked like a dying bird, and fell to his knee. If there were actually judges, I'm pretty sure we'd get a dang zero.

Well, anywho, for those of you who care, I put up some more pages to chapter 2. Hope ya'll like it.

Chapter 2 (Contd)

 In the early evening they twinkle slightly and then they shine. Their numbers increase with the darkness and with it, offer a little hope. 
Trapped between two infinite planes, Princess helplessly gazes at the shoreline as the grumbling ache of hunger reminds her that she’s still alive. “Tummy hurts,” she mumbles with a frown. Her shoulders slump as she pokes at her little poochie stomach.  
Slowly, a full moon rises and illuminates the distant coastline as she drifts further away. Not all elements are evil; some are benevolent enough to offer one last glimpse of the world practically within Princess’ reach.  
In the deep dark water beneath the child a pair of large, glowing red eyes circle her makeshift craft. Drawn to the sweet aroma of blood, the creature cannot resist the prize inside the debris.  
Unaware of what lurks beneath, the child rests her chin on her right palm, raises two fingers, and waves goodbye to the fading distant land. Oddly, her hunger comes back much stronger than before.  
“Oh…,” she moans and slides her hands to her tummy. “I’m hungry.” 
A hard thump at the base of the log lifts the shelter out of the water. 
Startled, Princess claws at the sides of the log to maintain her balance. She looks all around, wipes tears from her eyes, and peers over the edge of the log into the rippling darkness below. Penetrating red eyes lock with hers. She moves to the right, the eyes follow. She moves to the left, again, the eyes follow. It seems that the life form mirrors her every move. Tiny lightning bolts cluster beneath the burning red eyes and travel towards the creature’s nose. The dazzling, bright-white energy crackles with flashes of blue, which pulsate and collect at the creature’s pug nose, then discharge over its head, across its enormous manta ray wings and travels back to its long, narrow tail. Startled, Princess ducks back into her safe hollow. Seconds slip by before her curiosity peaks and she pops her head back over the rim. She sees a ball of crackling energy trail off the manta ray’s radiant wire-like tail. The spherical energy continues to gyrate and sparkle like the stars, as it illuminates and sinks into the deep dark ocean. The pearly string of lights creates a path that anything could follow. 
Princess watches the beautiful display and feels subtle hints of excitement break through her blanketing bleakness, but she refuses the enticing emotions and takes cover in her refuge. As before, the manta ray repeats the thrilling brachial charge and drops another crackling ball, which follows the same path as the first.  
The giant manta ray presses its soft silk snout against the base of the log and flaps its powerful wings, propelling Princess forward. Bulbs of energy with hints of red, green, and yellow ignite a captivating trail.  
“Stop, you’re killing me! No … I don’t like you!”  

(All rights reserved ©)

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Nerd chick's gift

So Nerd Chick put up a pretty dang good music video. Only she forgot to put in the dang music. Sarah (as she calls herself) calls this a gif and we're all supposed to be impressed and such, but it just hurts Moonshine's eyes. He watched this daw-gone video like all dang day... and now, his gal darn brain is all hurt and such. I suppose some folks are going to enjoy these gifs, but I aint so sure? What do ya'll think?

Monday, February 17, 2014

Boyah Chapter 2

Did I mention Utah is dang cold! Moonshine said he wanted to go ice fishin, but I don't think he knew exactly what that entailed. First of all, when traveling in the freezing cold, you should probably get a dang a coat! All we have, is these daw-gone flannels, which if you stack up, keep you pretty dang warm. Unless of course it rains or snows, which it does often in this here desert land. Though my toes and fingers is constantly numb, I must admit, a certain tranquility transpires when the desert sands turn from brown, to white. I mean that too!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Juan works out

Ok, since the fishing buddies are away, they say I can show you how one day, I will be as big as John Sena. First I start with the bench press.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Chapter 1 and done...

Is what I always say! Well, as I promised, I got my first chapter finished. Me, Moonshine, and Pablo is on the move now. Ironically, as cold as it is at night in the red sand plains, it is not so cold in the daylight.

 This here desert is strangely hot and bitterly cold, seems to be such a dichotomy. You got to drink quite a bit of water.

Moonshine is pretty good about keeping himself hydrated....

Pablo on the other hand, drinks beer and wears his water instead of drinking it.
Anywho, this here is chapter 1. Hope you all like it! Tell me what ya'll think!
All rights is reserved to me, the author! And don't you never forget it! Anywho, get the book: 

A man carrying an axe leads a woman through the dense forest to the edge of a meadow 
“I believe this will be a good clearing right here, Maggie,” Bandor exuberantly claims.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Writing aint easy

Well, it took some work, but I finally got my first page written out. I'll be posting in paragraphs when the story comes to me from here to there. But I suppose it won't make no sense if it's all disjointed. Maybe I could compile the paragraphs and release the entire page on Thursdays? Would that work for ya'll.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Chubby bunnies?

Lake Powell has been one amazing adventure. The fishing down here never stops and though it is a bit frosty in the morning and night, it is one of the most exotic places I've ever seen. These red rock cliffs glow in the morning light and come to life in the setting sun. The layers the sunset brings out in these cliffs is like looking at a vanilla, strawberry, and orange sherbert Sunday. And that brings me to my point.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Nerd Chick saved Super Bowl Sunday

Thanks for your help Nerd Chick... Sarah! Nerd Chick Helped me get this hammered out in time for #SuperBowl Sunday. Hope ya'll enjoy!