Monday, March 31, 2014

Prancing on thin ice

I was right. Moonshine is hitting it off with Not My Daughter. She gets bored real easy and since all she ever does is talk about her herself, I yelled at her!

This was a might upsetting to Pablo, as you can plainly see below.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

They call me Moonshine

Hey ya'll, its Moonshine here. That's what people call me anyway but my real name is Joseph Theodore Chestheffer the Third. Most of you are probably wondering why everyone calls me Moonshine especially on account that I never really drink.

Well it goes way back to my gran-daddy, Joseph Theodore Chestheffer the First. He was an infamous moonshiner, at least where we lived he was. Everyone in town used to get their liquor from him. It was the best liquor in the county.

Well long story short, people called me Lil Moonshine when I was a kid (don't tell H.R. or Pablo that) and now that I'm older its just Moonshine. I realize that now that I'm old enough to drink and choose not to, my name is one of those ironic consequences. I don't drink cuz I never saw nothing good come from it. Also, cuz I found the Lord. But that's a story for a different time.

Here's a picture of me or possibly just a Bigfoot sighting.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Gator Twist

Juan dang got all upitty on my trash. He said, "I'm going to gator twist your arm off if you don't let Moonshine and Audrey write on your blog!" Little fella actually went into detail talking about how he would grab my arm, clench it till I hollered, and spin around till my bone popped and plum come off. 

Friday, March 21, 2014

Just don't ever do this!

When you make a life altering decision, like... I dunno... traveling the open road for the rest of your life, you don't expect to have life circle around on you and bite you in the butt. You sort of live in the moment and let the past drift away. I have been flyin by the seat of my pants for all my life now. Problem is, my pants lead me to another pair of pants. A fine pair of pink pants, and now, I got a pair of teeny bopper pants followin me around claimin she's my daughter. For those of you who have been under these circumstances, I could really use some advice. My pals are hardly any help. Dang Pablo keeps talkin to this chick like she's one of us.

Moonshine aint sayin much. He's sort of just weighing everything out in his do-gooder mind.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Twilight got me all flustrated! (Boyah!!! CHAPTER 3 IS DONE!)

What the hibbity hop? Pablo just finished reading us "Twilight." I really don't get why people like this book. I mean, this girl Bella stumbles on some shiny vampires who don't eat people, they eat animals. Who ever heard of vampires that don't eat people? I mean aint that the dang point? Anywho, her blood is irresistable to this Edward fella who seems like a good guy, except he's like a 100 dang years old. And then turns out he has a good family, maybe even a little more stable than Bella's, but she up and pisses off some Vampire that actually eats people. Imagine that. A vampire that eats people wants to eat a girl whose playing baseball with a bunch of vampires. I actually like that the vampires play baseball though! That was kind of cool. If I could play like that, I'd ditch the family and win the world series for the red sox for like, the rest of my life and such. Anywho, dang James apparently don't know when to quit, cause he keeps on hunting this chick Bella and bam, all of a sudden, he dies. It's like, duh! What the crap did you think was going to happen? Course you was going to get torn to bits and pieces and torched, that's what happens when you go up against a bunch of good wholesome vampires who are like, 100 years old! Anywho, I don't get why ya'll like this so much. I get a bunch of girls emailing me all the time what I think about this book. It's like it's the female bible or something. I just don't get it. Probably shouldn't tell ya'll this, but I had a dream about a shiny vampire. It was kind of weird.  He was all sparkly and such and I was like, "dang, you'd make a good fishing lure." Afore he could answer me, I woke up. Not sure what that means, but this here story should make more sense for ya'll. This is chapter 3 compiled. Hope ya'll like it.


Setchra smiles. “You will fear me less,” she heaves, snapping her tail, “when I walk on two legs like you.”

Monday, March 10, 2014

Tricks to the trade

This was one miserable weekend. All our stuff got wet and such and we were pretty dang miserable! Not sure if ya'll care, but I got an email from someone who asked me where we sleep. That's a really simple answer. We sleep under the sky. Doesn't matter if its raining or snowing, we sleep beneath the stars and though winter is cold, we have a few tricks. What we do is find a pine tree like this one here. 

Some of you may or may not know that pine trees repel snow and water at their base. So what we do is get under the skirt of the tree. You might want to sweep away all the needles, at least that's what I do. Go ahead and put your bag down and lay on it. I recommend trying out the ground because you might find a rock or a pine cone underneath the bag that is just going to dig in your side all night and make you miserable. It's much easier to move the rock or pine cone before you get ready for bed than in the middle of the night. In fact, Moonshine and I had an interesting talk about that the other day. He always thinks on a higher plane than me, so he likened the rock in your bag to life's challenges. He said, "it's easier to deal with a pain in your side early on, than try and get cozy with it and wrench it out." Of course, I agree with him, so for those of you who might have problems in your life, don't wait to get cozy, just go on and deal with them now. Anywho, we get in our bag and if it's raining like it has been, you just put trash bags over your bag. I recommend the home depot construction bags. They're cheap and you can do a lot with them! Now if it's snowing, and you can't find a pine tree, hunker down in a snow bank. Just dig a slight hole, lay in it, and burry yourself. Believe it or not, the top layer of snow will collect rain, snow, whatever and basically waterproof you. And while the outside of your bag is cold, the inside is toasty warm. The hard part is getting up and moving around the next day. I hate climbing out of my bag on a cold day. Most of the time, I just stay inside until I get so hungry I can't no more. Anywho, this is the life of a traveler. Aint go no worries of bills or anything like that and though some might view it as a hard life, the truth is, comfortable lives are hard too. I suppose that's just the way of life, it's meant to be hard, and if it aint, I suppose you just aint doing it right. Well, anywho,  I hope ya'll liked this here post. Worked on Chapter 3 a bit more. Hope ya'll like it!

CHAPTER 3 (cont'd)
The crisp air changes, welcoming the cool evening and the return of Setchra’s sight.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Ice fishin

For those of you who aint never been ice fishing, let me just tell you, this is no easy task.

First, you have to break through the ice. Check out Moonshine trying to bust through the ice.

Pablo and I was telling him he was gonna fall in, but he didn't listen. He just kept on smashing on the ice.

Like I said, when that fella gets an idea in his head, he just keeps on keepin on. Pablo was so worried about Moonshine, he measured out a safety line.

Course Pablo's line was too short, and the only reason we know that is cause I had the sense to stand on the ice and toss Moonshine the line in the event he fell through the ice. Did I mention we was both on the ice? Didn't have the heart to tell Pablo that if Moonshine fell through, I'd fall through as well, and he'd be left all alone. Anywho, this ice fishin thing is turning out to be quite the adventure. Hope ya'll like this next little bit of Prince & Princess, A true love story. Enjoy!

CHAPTER 3 (cont'd)

“I think 'tis best you be with your own,” she lovingly whispers to the child.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Well, now that the olympics is over, I decided it was time to go ahead and hold a medaling ceremony of my own. Like I said, the Olympix wasn't about winning, its all about competition, except, guess what, I WON THE GOLD BABY!

 All hale to the champions of hill billy olympix. I didn't have much time to prepare a ceremony speech, but I'd like to go ahead and thank all the little people. Ya'll know who ya are! Not sure if this is my good side, but what do ya'll think?

Or is this here my good side?

Anywho, I won't bore ya'll with my fine features. Hope ya'll are enjoying the story and such. Sara, I can't say thank you enough. You been editin my stuff and I am mighty grateful for your labors. For those of you who don't know, Sara Williams is Nerd Chick. If you like the story, make sure you give her a shout out!

Kyla Perry, I shaved my soul patch cause Broncos lost the super bowl! I still aint happy about that, but Moonshine bet they'd lose and they did. Dang... if they would have won, he'd have had to shave his beard! That would have been awesome!

CHAPTER 3 (cont')

“You aren’t watching me, are you?”
Princess nods, but doesn’t answer.

Monday, March 3, 2014

New Moonshine

Howdy ya'll! Check out what nerd chick done! She made another one of those gifs. Hmmm... not sure what to make of it? What do ya'll think?

Anywho, ever wonder if someone out there was thinkin of you? Like that little mouse Fievel, in "An American Tail". I was looking up at the moon the other night. That sucker was large and in charge. I mean Moonshine caught a sun burn from the moonlight while Pablo was reading to us about "Twilight". Must have been a new moon or somethin, cause we was feeling all wild and such. My mind powers was enhanced by like a thousand fold. Not sure why, but I started howling like a dang wolf. Have ya'll ever howled like a wolf at the moon? I suggest you try it! Frankly, it's liberating. Anywho, I was hearing that little mouse sing that song, "Some where out there, beneath the pale moon light, someones thinking of you..." I don't wanna sing the whole dang song, but I was just realizing, life as a traveler is pretty darn lonely. If it weren't for Moonshine, Pablo, and this blog, I don't think anyone in the whole dang world would even know I existed. What a sad thought. Hope ya'll cherish your loved ones and such! Shout out to Nerd Chick, thanks for the help!

Now get the freaking book!

CHAPTER 3 (cont'd)

Setchra smiles warmly. She tenderly brushes the child underneath her chin with one finger. “I like you, too.”