Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Continued from "Questions" post…

Me: What the crap you talking about, Moonshine?! What’s cake got to do with god and bugs?

See what I’m talking about. They just don’t think logically. Then Pablo decides to throw in his two pesos.

Pablo: Es (Spanish for he is) talking about God.

Moonshine: Ya Pablo, Its God! That’s what I meant. I mean, it makes sense that God made all these bugs don’t ya think?

Me: Man it ain’t god. That don’t make any sense at all. I’m telling yew…a zillion years ago, two big rocks smashed together and boom, we got bugs. Then them bugs got together and made other bugs! Then them bugs got tired of being bugs and they turned into fish, dinosaurs, monkeys and eventually people! It’s that simple, I tell you what. And its all because of two rocks. Its science amigos. Ain’t no god.

Think people. Logic. See what I’m talking‘bout.

Things kinda went a little downhill from there…Its not my fault though. They ganged up on me. It’s not even really worth reading if you ask me.

Moonshine: Yeah? So how did two rock smash together and make clouds and water and stuff, huh?

Me: Well I dunno…

Pablo: Es God.

Moonshine: And the sun for that matter?

Pablo: Es God.

Moonshine: And who makes the sun spin around the world?

Pablo: Es God, Moonshine.

Moonshine: Dang straight Pablo! It’s God. Bam! H.R., you been shined! What? You got nothing to say to that? Come on buddy, I’m a waiting!

Alright, so I didn’t really have an answer for that last part. But hey, I’m man enough to admit when I’m only mostly right. Anyway, after that things got a little…violent. I’ll write more later, I gotta take a crap.


Been awhile since I wrote this. Think ya'll might be glad to know, I'm working this conversation into my second book, "Prince & Princess, Swallowed By Darkness." Course that's a working title. 



  1. H.R., your crude summation is in fact correct. Moonshine, stop resisting the truth, you are an idealist.

  2. Ya'll straight be trippin n'shiayt! Pablo and Moonshine, you best be straightenen that Hill Billy H.R. up! God is fo realz!