Friday, April 4, 2014


Hey ya'll. Moonshine here. I coined a new phrase I hope ya'll are going to appreciate... but first someone has to tell you what to do.

After they tell you what to do, you shout, "NO!" Flex your biceps and shout, "I DO WHAT I WANT!" I love doing that to H.R. He tries to be my dad more than he tries to be my friend.

Now I'm passing you off to Audrey, she has some exciting news.

So, you all know how my dad is writing this book? He won’t let me read what he’s got, all I’ve read is what is on the blog. So far, anytime I’ve asked him about it, he tells me to “mind my own dang business”. However, we had a little break-through and he actually spoke a few sentences to me about it. I was chatting with him about how Nerd Chick was helping me help him and I asked him who would do art for the book cover. Apparently, artwork never occurred to him (for someone who is writing a book, it doesn’t really seem like he’s ever actually picked one up).
Which leads me to this exciting announcement…
                                                …(drumroll, please!)…
                                                                        …AN ARTWORK CONTEST!
That’s right, we really need someone to help with cover art for the book! If you win, your art will be the cover of H.R.’s book…we’d offer a cash prize, but let’s face it—the man lives off of fish. Ick. But you get full credit for being an awesome artist.

Here’s a summary of the story, written by Nerd Chick:

Princess has lived a lonely, isolated life, first in the woods, then on Auntie's farm. Prince is a young squire, raised in the castle and eager to prove himself to his father and become a noble knight. The children are thrown together in a wild adventure when they find themselves lost in the mysterious Dark Forest with only each other to rely on. Together, they fight fantastical beasts, complete quests, discover magic, and unknowingly set events into motion that will alter the course of a kingdom teetering on the edge of chaos.

Want to help us out? Submit your artwork here:

Can you believe he actually wanted to use this? So... so... ddddduuuuuummmmmbbbbbb!!!

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