Monday, June 2, 2014

Getting back to it...

Hey ya'll, I've been real busy writing my book. Nerd Chick has been a huge help, and believe it or not, Audrey has pushed the story along in a way I could never have imagined. Who would have thought that a girl her age would be so knowledgeable.
Anytime I hit a hang up, she's right there to help me out. For example, I sort of hit writers block a couple of weeks ago and didn't really know where to take the story. Audrey sat by my side and listened to me talk all night. I must have been rambling for sometime cause the sun came up. Anywho, as I was just about to retire, Audrey said something to me that broke the flood gates wide open. After eight or so hours of listening to me, she said, "Just let it go!" At first I was kind of taken aback. I felt an immediate hesitation to write what I've been seeing, then she repeated herself and said, "Just let it go, let the story flow!"  I never actually thought about just letting go, but on Audrey's recommendation, I did. Well, anyways, I'm on chapter 15 now and that's why I've been MIA. Pablo's been real supportive of this endeavor and I appreciate his positive attitude. Moonshine on the other hand has kind of just clammed up. He don't talk much anymore, seems mighty upset. I suppose things will smooth over in time, but right now, I gotta put my efforts in this book. I'll write more later, but for now, that's all I got. 

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