Monday, June 30, 2014

Harry Potter?!?

Hey ya'll,

   Kind of an uneventful week. Me, Pablo, and Audrey went to a magical water fall called, "Bridal Veil Falls." Didn't look much like a bride's veil though. Just looked like water falling a long ways down the mountain. You can see for yourself.

    Audrey liked this spot a lot. I like taking her to places that make her laugh. She has an amazing laugh. It's the kind that starts soft and high pitched then ends in a giggle. It goes like this, "eeeehhhh he he," and occasionally ends in a snort. Super funny! Makes me laugh every time she snorts. She pretty much laughs at everything Pablo does so it keeps everything light. I gotta admit, she's starting to grow on me.

    Anywho, I've been real busy working on the book. Thanks to all of you who keep telling me the book reminds you of Harry Potter. Never saw that one coming. Heard it enough times though I'm going to start reading it. Nerd Chick said she'd get us a copy. Speaking of Nerd Chick, check out what she done. She got us all set up on the web page, right here.

Thanks Nerd Chick! Can't believe she's stuck around this long. Have a good summer!

Now got get the book: 

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