Monday, November 3, 2014

Got a new book store!

Boyah! Nerd chick is on some sort of book rampage! Like a T-rex, she's out there tearin it up! Go nothing but love for ya Nerd Chick! Check out her latest kill. 

What can I say? Nerd Chick is good at placing books, not taking pictures. The pic got cut short. The sign should read, "Bay Books, New Used Rare" and you can find this charming little store @ 2415 San Ramon Valley Blvd, #3, San Ramon, CA, 94583. 

Anywho, go on through the front door. It should look like this on the inside. 

Ask for an energetic book enthusiast named Rose. This is her below.

If Rose aint there, you'll find the book on the shelf in the fantasy section. See image below. 

What are ya'll waiting for? Get on down there and GETTA BOOK!

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