Thursday, November 21, 2013

My tio, Pablo

I have lived in this country for most of my life, so I don’t know a lot about my culture. But since my teacher wants me to right about my culture, I decided to turn to someone who grew up in my culture. This is my tio, Pablo. Tio is very shy. He is very afraid of the men in green suits with shiny badgers. He also hates snakes and spiders. One time, I got bit by a spider and Tio tore up a cigarette and spit on the tabacco. He put it on the bite and said it would take out the poison. Guess what? It did! Tio makes me laugh. He always thinks the green men are trying to take him away! Tio’s a little loco, lol ;-)

I asked him to help me with the pictures for my BLOG but he thinks that I’m saying FROG! His English is not very good. I tell him “Tio, its not a FROG... it’s a BLOG!” and he says “What’s Sapo have to do with photos?”  Sapo means frog in Spanish, so I guess that's what I will call this, Juan's Sappo. Tio said he would help me with my photos so that I can spend all of my time practicing my wrestling moves. I love you Tio!


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