Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Henry Ranger: Wanderer and Seeker of Truth

In support of Pablo's nephew, I have agreed to help our little  buddy out. I aint always near a computer though, so I'll do what I can when I can to help this little guy earn a good grade. Anywho, I’m Henry Ranger. My friends call me H.R. I grew up a lil in Mississippi and lil everywhere else. Mostly, I travel up and down the Mississippi. That's why I say everywhere else. I don’t know that I’d exactly call any one place home though. Don’t know that I have a place to call home, ‘cept maybe the river. I usually just go wherever the flow takes me. And the weather. I hate the damn cold! I am what you’d call a "snow bird."

That man-child over there, the one that looks like a garden gnome, is Joey Chestheffer, but we just call him Moonshine. And that there is Pablo. Not exactly sure where he comes from but we let him tag along cuz he carries the food and beer. Speaking of which, we are pretty dang low on beer. Also, he makes a mean fish taco.

I love fishing, fun, and freedom. Also, beer! I’m crazy about that stuff. My Grandpapi… well he wasn’t, but he was. An old-timer I called Grandpapi, used to give me cold beer every time I went to visit him. He’d stay up late telling me stories by the river. That’s the other thing I love; stories. I love stories. I see ‘em all the time, in my mind. Anyways, Grandpapi would tell me all kinds of stories. Stories bout adventure, action, injuns, cowboys, cowgirls, and on occasion, that sissy romance crap. But they were always good, real good.... know what I mean?

Maybe that's how I can help you out with your Sappo Juan, I can tell some good stories. Heck, my whole life is one crazy story, so shouldn't be that hard of a job. Till we meet again, Siyanara suckers!


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