Sunday, October 5, 2014

Got my book in a store!

That's right ya'll! Nerd chick been tearin it up out there in Southern California. She shot me this picture of a pink barracks, where a book store called, "The Yellow Book Road," is. 

In case you couldn't tell, that's Barracks #15 @ 2750 Historic Decatur Road • San Diego, CA 92106
Liberty Station – NTC – Point Loma – aka Barracks 15 (619)955-5188
 Apparently Marines are made real close to there. Kind of hard to believe that the worlds most lethal warriors are manufactured just a stones throw away from them pink barracks. Boyah boys! Anywho, a sweet old gal named Ann owns the joint. 

Ann sure does love books. In fact, she loves P&P! Who the heck wouldn't? It's only the best dang fantasy book on the shelf. Least that's what I think anyways. Well, be sure to drop on by, say, "Hi Ann, GETTA BOOK!" and see if you can get her to get you a copy of, "Prince & Princess, Into The Shadows." Have ya'll a good one!

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