Saturday, March 29, 2014

They call me Moonshine

Hey ya'll, its Moonshine here. That's what people call me anyway but my real name is Joseph Theodore Chestheffer the Third. Most of you are probably wondering why everyone calls me Moonshine especially on account that I never really drink.

Well it goes way back to my gran-daddy, Joseph Theodore Chestheffer the First. He was an infamous moonshiner, at least where we lived he was. Everyone in town used to get their liquor from him. It was the best liquor in the county.

Well long story short, people called me Lil Moonshine when I was a kid (don't tell H.R. or Pablo that) and now that I'm older its just Moonshine. I realize that now that I'm old enough to drink and choose not to, my name is one of those ironic consequences. I don't drink cuz I never saw nothing good come from it. Also, cuz I found the Lord. But that's a story for a different time.

Here's a picture of me or possibly just a Bigfoot sighting.

Ahhh... I don't exactly know what more to write on this here, so I am going to be brief. I do what I want! I love the Lord. I love all things good and glorious. I love traveling with my two good friends. I love fishing. So if any of you ladies are interested in those things, and have good Christian values, leave me a comment... if you know what I mean.

Well here's Audrey now- she's clawing at the computer. I'm sure she has more to say than I do.

Wow, I didn’t think anyone would really care what I have to say, but Juan, Nerd Chick, Moonshine, and Pablo all out-voted H.R., so here I am! Anyway, my name is Audrey Elizabeth Pearce. Moonshine put his full name, so I thought I should, too, but mine doesn’t sound as cool. Maybe one of these days I’ll get a fun nickname like “Moonshine”, but I guess “Not-My-Daughter” is what they call me now.

It’s been an interesting couple of weeks traveling with my dad and his buddies. As you’ve read, he’s still in denial. I keep telling him I’d be happy to get a DNA test to prove it, but he just mutters something about conspiracies and ignores me. My mom was NOT happy with me going to see him, but I think I have the right to know my dad, don’t I? He keeps trying to push me away, but I am plenty patient (aka stubborn). I think he thinks the camping will scare me off because I’m such a girly-girl…little does he know, I’ve gone to summer camp every year since I was 10, so I can handle it. Wish it were a bit warmer though!

My dad’s friends have been totally cool about me being here. Pablo is so funny, even though most of the time I have no idea what he’s talking about. Both he and Moonshine treat me like a little princess, it’s hilarious. They say they’re going to teach me how to fish, although I have to admit, sitting around fishing all day is not exactly my idea of fun. They spend HOURS a day fishing. They rarely even catch anything—but maybe that’ s just because it’s winter? I don’t know. So while they sit there all quiet, I take out my kindle and read. Let me know if any of you have book suggestions—at this rate, I’ll be running out of things to read very quickly!

Well, I guess that’s it for now. Maybe I’ll make some more appearances on here in the future, if my dad lets me. (Don’t tell him, but I plan on making some changes to the blog…we’ll see if he even notices!). 

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