Thursday, March 27, 2014

Gator Twist

Juan dang got all upitty on my trash. He said, "I'm going to gator twist your arm off if you don't let Moonshine and Audrey write on your blog!" Little fella actually went into detail talking about how he would grab my arm, clench it till I hollered, and spin around till my bone popped and plum come off. 

Time is a funny thing. I had a couple of days to get my gear together and start out on my own, but someone sent me this here pic for the cover of my book. I can't begin to tell ya'll how toughing it is that someone would send me an art picture to put on the cover of a book I aint finished yet. I'll keep the artists name secret, but I just wanted to say, thank ZMR for lifting my spirits when they were so low.

I aint done nothing super good with my life. I aint got no family, no home, no cars, no career, and life expectancy on travelers aint so good. The only chance I have to leave my mark on this world is this here book, so after reconsidering Nerd Chick's position, I decided to let Moonshine and Not My Daughter write a friday post. Nerd Chick thinks it'll be good to hear both sides of the story, but I feel like I'm losing control. I aint goin soft or anything like that, I'm just trying to get something done before I'm toes up and six feet under. Well, anywho, I hope ya'll like this first page. It's a good faith effort by Nerd Chick.

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