Friday, March 21, 2014

Just don't ever do this!

When you make a life altering decision, like... I dunno... traveling the open road for the rest of your life, you don't expect to have life circle around on you and bite you in the butt. You sort of live in the moment and let the past drift away. I have been flyin by the seat of my pants for all my life now. Problem is, my pants lead me to another pair of pants. A fine pair of pink pants, and now, I got a pair of teeny bopper pants followin me around claimin she's my daughter. For those of you who have been under these circumstances, I could really use some advice. My pals are hardly any help. Dang Pablo keeps talkin to this chick like she's one of us.

Moonshine aint sayin much. He's sort of just weighing everything out in his do-gooder mind.

I'm keepin my distance. Mostly I hide out in the bushes and keep my eye on the situation.

I'm almost positive he's going to start being friendly to her. I think that mostly cause Moonshine saw her kneeling down and praying. Though he aint never kneeled and said a prayer, I'm almost certain he's going to join her.

Audry (Not My Daughter) says she wants to hang around for a bit. She said she aint going nowhere and it aint cause she don't have any money. We offered her the rest of our beer money and she wouldn't take it. She said she didn't come down here just to turn around and go back home. I shouted at her to, "get to gettin!" But she didn't even so much as flinch. She's got nerves made out of steel, like mine. But not mine if you know what I mean. I'm sort of grateful that the lake looks like this.

Without a sleeping bag, she won't be hanging out with us for long. Every chance I get, I put the fire out. I want it to be as cold as possible. That's my plan to get rid of her! Don't worry though, we aren't far from a visitor center, so if she goes in and loiter's, it won't be long before she's picked up by the cops. I bet she won't last another week. Course, I'm not certain what I'm going to do if she does make it another week. Guess I'll just ditch her and go on up to the next lake. We heard there's another lake up there, so I expect we'll be up there soon. Sorry I aint put any new chapters up, I haven't had much success writing for obvious reasons. I'll get back to it in a bit, for now, just pray this girl away!

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