Monday, July 21, 2014


I aint no expert on this, but for those of you who keep baggin on capitalism, let me ask you this... Do any of you have something or want something? Yeah, we all do! Some of us want big flashy cars, nice suits, fancy houses, and big boats. Don't even get me started on what women want. From nice hair, beautiful dresses, to fake boobs, womens want it all! Well, here's a question for ya'll, do any of you commi S.O.B's see any of those things in former communist countries? Better yet, do you see them in dictatorships or present communist countries?
The answer is... hell no you don't! You know why? Cause socialism breeds the largest batch of losers ever! Look at any commi nation. They sit on a pile of resources and boast about their labor party. Trouble is, commis and socialists value loss. They build empires on the apparent losses of perfectly functioning capitalist societies. Everything has loss on this planet, but communist socialist pigs are the only ones who cry about limited resources and try to exploit well functioning societies. Socialists don't invent anything. They don't create anything. They build lame buildings, do a craptacular job of making mass transportation, and do their best to jack up everything possible. It shouldn't even be called socialism or communism, it should be called fu#$ing sh@# up -ism. I mean commi's can't even get the basics right... like farming, and ranching. That's why they starve their people. Ya'll know them commis when you see 'em. They cry about saving resources and boo who about the dying planet. They also try and guilt the wealthy into carryin their load. Man, I covered so much of this earth, let me be the first to tell ya'll, there is an abundance of resources in this great nation of ours and resources only exist to tap into and create profit. The whole point of this life is to profit and progress. Not to gripe and complain about other people's success. I'm so tired of getting asked what I think about the distribution of wealth. How about this, get off your lazy butt and getta work! That's what I think about capitalism!!!

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