Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Money Dance!

What an amazing week. Hope ya'll had a great 4th of July. Murica lost the #worldcup, but who gives a crap? I guess Pablo does. He was doing his, "shots fired" dance and bragging about how Brazil was going to beat Germany. Personally, I don't really care, but since Pablo was so gungho, I went ahead and rooted for Germany. This is Pablo doing his dance when Brazil scored.

Course that smirk got wiped off his face when Germany scored twice. Holy crap, when "Side Show Bob" David Luiz started crying, it got even better. Can't believe they went on without Neymar. That was a bad idea! Anywho, ya'll know how it ends. Germany wins by seven and I gotta be honest, with each score, Pablo sounded more and more like a howling werewolf. I think he's been reading too much Twilight. Gave me a pretty good idea though. All he needed was a pair of yellow eyes and he would have been perfectly placed in my book. On that note, I think I'll be implementing him. Almost done with the book. I keep gettin told it aint gonna go nowhere by important people Nerd Chick puts me in touch with. No biggy though. It aint goin nowhere in my head so why not get it on paper? If no one likes it at least I can toss it in the lake and get it somewhere the water sparkles. That's better than sparkling flickers of hope in my brain. Funny thing that emotion called hope. I aint even gonna touch on that. Hope ya'll have a good one.

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