Monday, July 14, 2014

Competition... in my own words.

We live in a world of competition. Take the world cup for example, would the game be as exciting if one team ran the ball down the grass and kicked it in the goal without any resistance at all? Aint no way! No soccer fan in the world would watch a team drive goal after goal without any resistance. No one would even play on that team. Guaranteed success would be an absolute bore. It would be a failure. Thus, we have two teams that compete to W-I-N! Even better, we have multiple teams competing for a cup.
Though, truthfully, I think they compete for something more. I think they compete for the glory of winning. In fact, I think all humans want to be winners in one form or another. Competition brings the winners out in us. So the next time you're watching an anti bullying campaign, remember this: the bully is actually doing you a favor. Without the bully, your life would be boring. You would be the lone soccer player on the field scoring goal after goal and no one would find your life interestin or entertainin. At best, your Mom would be the only one in the bleachers. I encourage all you young folks out there to learn how to conquer your bully. Search for their weakness. Learn how to take em down. Don't fall victim to this anti bullying campaign. Truth is, life is about overcoming. It has nothing to do with ballin up like a coward and quittin. It sure aint about guaranteed success. Things would get pretty dang boring with a world of cowards.

I'm trying to embody courage as I write about Prince. I see that readers are not content to see one character evolve without serious struggles and challenges. The best way to show a character's metal, is to wrap all those challenges up into a worthy adversary and let them fight it out. The problem is, in my world, I implement healthy doses of reality. To be honest with ya'll, I don't know if Prince wins. Maybe Leon has it in him to be a better hero than Prince. So as I go down this journey, I hope ya'll bare with me as I find out who the last man standing is.

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