Monday, February 3, 2014

Nerd Chick saved Super Bowl Sunday

Thanks for your help Nerd Chick... Sarah! Nerd Chick Helped me get this hammered out in time for #SuperBowl Sunday. Hope ya'll enjoy!

The wedded couple are honest and happy forest dwellers, always below peasantry, but well cloaked with liberty to roam and freedom to dwell. Bandor and Maggie find dignity in being vagabonds, vagabonds that proudly scoff at peasants who find security in the service of a king. As with most forest dwellers that derive joy from gathering, wandering, and foraging, Bandor and Maggie were gypsies before gypsies existed. Like most gypsies, they have incredibly strong family ties. Although Bandor hates to admit it, the last winter was so harsh he fears that another rigid season in a drafty, hard, freezing stone cave along the wet gray coast, would be the end of his beloved wife and darling little daughter. Pushed continually by the wailing fears of his wife, the faint whimpers of his daughter, and the burning fever that nearly claimed her, the noble father and wise husband realized that it is either shelter in the woods or death in the caves.  

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