Sunday, February 9, 2014

5 things you should never do...

When traveling from Southern Colorado to Northern Utah.

1) Don't go at it without a coat.

2) Don't go hitchhiking in a snow storm. Mega bad idea! No one wants to pick up a bunch of hairy dudes covered in snow and mud.

3) Don't jump trains when snow and ice are on the ground. Though the train can get you there quicker, you don't want to lose a leg or a Pablo just because you feel like being lazy.

4) Don't put your clothes in your bag without putting them in a plastic sack.

5) Don't hit the open road without at least a dozen pair of dry socks.

So here's the deal. We woke up on a beautiful bright Sunday morning with nothing better to do than go fishing, as usual. Moonshine got all fussy on account of us being down here so long. He does that from time to time. Especially when he aint done something exciting. Moonshine aint never been ice fishing and last week when we was down on the banks, some fellas was talking about how big a fish you could catch when the lake was frozen over. Course, it didn't take Pablo much convincing. So Moonshine got him all riled up and such.

Anywho, they packed up all our belongings and got to stepping, and I didn't have much say in it. Typically this is how Moonshine motivates me, so off we go. We are headed to one of the largest fresh water lakes in the west. It's called Utah lake and its supposed to be completely froze over. Apparently, it's only ten feet deep at its deepest parts, so if we fall in, I suppose we'll be ok. Hope we catch some big ones up there, cause I aint got no coat, and I don't even know if my sleeping bag is thick enough. If we go off line for a bit, that's why. In fact, that's why Saturday's post is late as well. Have a good one and if any of you know what fish eat in Utah lake, I'd really like to know.


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