Saturday, February 22, 2014


So this here lake is froze pretty dang solid. Anywho, winter Olympix is goin and such, so I thought me and Pablo could do a little ice duo. Here's our version of figure skating.

I looked at Pablo and posed for the lift. He spread his wings like an eagle and got ready to fly.

Moonshine was all like, "fly birdy fly!"

Not sure why, but Moonshine's hollerin got me believing that I could lift that hefty feller right of the ground and toss him up into the air.

Course that aint what actually happened. I tried to lift Pablo high in the sky, hoping he'd get off the ground, but nope, he threw his back out, squawked like a dying bird, and fell to his knee. If there were actually judges, I'm pretty sure we'd get a dang zero.

Well, anywho, for those of you who care, I put up some more pages to chapter 2. Hope ya'll like it.

Chapter 2 (Contd)

 In the early evening they twinkle slightly and then they shine. Their numbers increase with the darkness and with it, offer a little hope. 
Trapped between two infinite planes, Princess helplessly gazes at the shoreline as the grumbling ache of hunger reminds her that she’s still alive. “Tummy hurts,” she mumbles with a frown. Her shoulders slump as she pokes at her little poochie stomach.  
Slowly, a full moon rises and illuminates the distant coastline as she drifts further away. Not all elements are evil; some are benevolent enough to offer one last glimpse of the world practically within Princess’ reach.  
In the deep dark water beneath the child a pair of large, glowing red eyes circle her makeshift craft. Drawn to the sweet aroma of blood, the creature cannot resist the prize inside the debris.  
Unaware of what lurks beneath, the child rests her chin on her right palm, raises two fingers, and waves goodbye to the fading distant land. Oddly, her hunger comes back much stronger than before.  
“Oh…,” she moans and slides her hands to her tummy. “I’m hungry.” 
A hard thump at the base of the log lifts the shelter out of the water. 
Startled, Princess claws at the sides of the log to maintain her balance. She looks all around, wipes tears from her eyes, and peers over the edge of the log into the rippling darkness below. Penetrating red eyes lock with hers. She moves to the right, the eyes follow. She moves to the left, again, the eyes follow. It seems that the life form mirrors her every move. Tiny lightning bolts cluster beneath the burning red eyes and travel towards the creature’s nose. The dazzling, bright-white energy crackles with flashes of blue, which pulsate and collect at the creature’s pug nose, then discharge over its head, across its enormous manta ray wings and travels back to its long, narrow tail. Startled, Princess ducks back into her safe hollow. Seconds slip by before her curiosity peaks and she pops her head back over the rim. She sees a ball of crackling energy trail off the manta ray’s radiant wire-like tail. The spherical energy continues to gyrate and sparkle like the stars, as it illuminates and sinks into the deep dark ocean. The pearly string of lights creates a path that anything could follow. 
Princess watches the beautiful display and feels subtle hints of excitement break through her blanketing bleakness, but she refuses the enticing emotions and takes cover in her refuge. As before, the manta ray repeats the thrilling brachial charge and drops another crackling ball, which follows the same path as the first.  
The giant manta ray presses its soft silk snout against the base of the log and flaps its powerful wings, propelling Princess forward. Bulbs of energy with hints of red, green, and yellow ignite a captivating trail.  
“Stop, you’re killing me! No … I don’t like you!”  

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