Thursday, February 13, 2014

Juan works out

Ok, since the fishing buddies are away, they say I can show you how one day, I will be as big as John Sena. First I start with the bench press.

I do this like a million thousand times.  Next, I march over to my really really really HEAVY weights.

These are really really really HEAVY WEIGHTS ok! So don't try this at home.

 I pick this big boy up right here.Then I do like a million of these times two because I have two arms and I don't want to do anything less than John Sena, because he does like a million of
Hey, you looking at me? Yeah, I' m talking to you! You want a piece of the iron biscuit? That's my tough talk, if you're going to be a luchador, you have to talk really, really, tough. After I talk tough, I flex my freaking huge muscles!

Finally, I challenge you all to a fight with my pointy fingers!
See you all next time. In the meantime, keep working out and keep rooting for your favorite luchador.