Wednesday, February 26, 2014

I'm flying, Moonshine

If ya'll ever watched the movie tiytanic, with that Kate Winslet, and Leonardo DiCaprio, ya'll will love this. So Pablo was a bit disturbed that I couldn't get his hefty butt off the ground. Considering this here is a no mans land, and also considering we don't have any dang T.V., we decided to reenact the entire tiytanic motion picture for ya'll right here, in the middle of this frozen Utah lake. Be mindful that the ice is much thinner where Pablo is standing, so at any dang time, his chubby cheeks could crash right through the ice and he could die just like Jack died!

So Pablo jumped up on his cooler and shouted, "Hey Moonshine, I'm the king of the world!" Moonshine was all, "Hey, you're just like dang Leonardo DiCaprio, I mean Jack! Pablo should get a dang Oscar for that performance and such!"

This here is the abominable Moonshine. Much like the abominable snow man, he's mighty warm under that thick furry face. I'm pretty sure Moonshine could walk around shirtless and be just fine up here. He never complains much about the cold. Kind of envy him. Anywho, Moonshine was like, "If you jump, I jump!"

Dang Pablo thought Moonshine was telling him to jump, so he spread his wings and got ready to fly. I had no choice but to hold him up by my hands and brace him by his wiggly belly. He was all like, "Moonshine, is it mesmerizing?" Before Moonshine could take a picture, Pablo put his arms back out and he's all, "I'm flying!"

Well, anyway, ya'll can plainly see that Pablo can't dang fly. Surprisingly, Pablo didn't break through the ice. Moonshine said something that pretty much sums this up, he said, "Jack just died!" Well anywho, ya'll should know that Moonshine will never freeze to death out here, Pablo will never be Jack, and I will probably never catch any fish. All in all, I'd say Lake Powell is a might better than this here place. Park Ranger is driving by, gotta get to gettin. See ya'll later!

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