Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Chubby bunnies?

Lake Powell has been one amazing adventure. The fishing down here never stops and though it is a bit frosty in the morning and night, it is one of the most exotic places I've ever seen. These red rock cliffs glow in the morning light and come to life in the setting sun. The layers the sunset brings out in these cliffs is like looking at a vanilla, strawberry, and orange sherbert Sunday. And that brings me to my point.

So I was sitting shirtless by the fire, looking at them beautiful stars, and minding my own business. In fact, I was listening to Pablo read this book called, "Twilight." It was written by a gal named Stephanie Meyer. Anywho, as Pablo was reading, Moonshine got bored of this girl not liking, "Cold wet things." Now that's in reference to the weather up in Forks, WA. So if ya'll got a problem with that, take it up with S.M. not me or Moonshine. Well anyhow, Moonshine took all our marshmallows and crammed the whole lot of them in his mouth. He looked at me and said, "Chubby Bunny!" I took a picture, but you can't see it cause its so dark. But Pablo did get a pretty good picture of Moonshine poking me in the dang tummy! Which was only funny because Pablo laughed like that Pillsbury dough boy.

Well anywho, Moonshine is on this new health kick thing. He thinks Pablo and I are, "too dang fat." Now for a bunch of wanderers that, may be, but not for a bunch of wanderers who is originally from the south, where everything is deep fried and delicious. So anyhow, Moonshine kept on poking me in the tummy and so I went to punch him...

But I missed, which is fine, cause in so doing, he inhaled a mouth full of marshmallows, which in and of its self is funny, but watching his bearded cheeks plume out and gasp for air was more than I could bare. I started laughing cause I thought he gone rabid, but turns out he was really choking. I took one good look at Pablo and yelled, "you're giving him mouth to mouth." Pablo seemed cool with that, cause he put down the camera, but then, he just slapped Moonshine on the back. Moonshine must really be a blessed soul ya'll cause them mellows came out like a volcano shootin steam.

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  1. ugh... why am I helping you again? Why does such a good idea have to come from such a worrisome man (to put it mildly)?