Friday, January 31, 2014

Holy Crap!

Nerd chick can wrrriiitttteee! Now that we have full control of the blog, I wanted to show ya'll what Nerd Chick done. Below, you can find what I wrote.

"Once upon a time, in a big bushy forest, that was dark, there was a man named Bandor. He had a mighty beard, and a loving family. He had a wife named fuss bucket Maggie cause she nagged him all the day long, as women often do. Oh and they had a little girl named Princess. Princess had big pretty blue eyes and long coffee colored hair and as her dad was building their house in the forest a giant bird eagle squished him like a bug!"

Now check out what Nerd Chick done!

“I believe this will be a good lot of wood right here, Maggie,” Bandor calls out in his deep English accent. He smiles broadly as he squares his muscular shoulders in the bright, early morning spring light. He gives a confident nod to a concealed woman, who reluctantly hugs the shadows of the forest. The woman, Bandor’s wife, wears a white cotton dress and brown burlap apron. Her long sandy locks rise and fall in the gentle breeze as she carefully slips out of the densely shaded shrubs. Bandor raises his axe high above his head and notices the illuminated golden strands that trap the sun’s aurora in his wife’s hair as she emerges from the shadows. 

Wearing a thin white cotton tunic shirt with worn brown leather drawstrings in the laced center, Bandor’s light brown hair shifts back and forth as he bangs the rusted axe blade on fallen dead logs. The tall grass and ferns growing along the side of the log quake with each jostling thud. Testing the ruined trunk several times, he listens to the hollow echo report, searching for a strategic point to strike the sunken, depreciated timber.

Thump, thump, thump.

His smile grows with each thud.
Now what do ya'll think about that right there?


  1. I consider it an involvement in good works. Also, I have a name: Sarah Williams!

    1. I got some more that I wrote. Would you like to see it?

    2. Ugh ... this is like illicit drugs, I know it's bad for me and I should stop, but I can't wait for the next hit. So YES! You dumb hillbilly.

    3. Hey, beauty of being in Lake Powell is, you can cross over to Colorado and find an abundance of illicit ;-)

  2. Great read my friend
    Best Wishes