Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Home sweet HOME!

Redneck tip of the Day: If a man doesn’t even own a pillow, then a dirty, urine stained couch is a great fortune. But you might regret it. I tell you what.

We are definitely in Utah now. We passed a Green River City sign yesterday. One of Pablo’s kin finally gave us a ride in the back of their truck. Well I assume they were family. They were all speakin’ the same language, if you know what I mean.

The past couple of days have been pretty uneventful. It’s getting cold but at least the fishing ain’t been too bad. Oh and I caught a three-legged frog! As you can imagine he wasn’t too hard to catch. He just kept jumping in circles. Reminded me a lot of myself these days. His puny little reptile body didn’t stand a dang chance! I squished him, then ate him. Don’t tell Moonshine or Pablo, I wasn’t about to share.

So, for the big news…(pause for dramatic effect.) We found us a home! We were walking into town from our last camping site and there she was, in all her glory. She’s not very well endowed but she’s got a couch to sleep on, a roof, and a crapper: pretty much all the essentials.

 Did I mention run down as she is, she has a front porch for drinking ice tea, watching the traffic go by or entertaining guests? That is, if we had any ice tea… or guests, which we don’t. We do have traffic though, of a different sort. There’s a pack of mules right in front. It’s Pablo’s dream to own a mule someday. As you can see, they’ve taken to the little fella. Pablo could be a poster child for Juan Valdez. Call when you get this Folgers, we got ad space ;-) Plus we could use some beer money. 


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