Thursday, December 12, 2013

Rollin... Rollin... Rollin...

It is day two of walking south on the road following the river and thumbin’ for a ride. The road is hot and Moonshine used the last of our water to clean his beard. I never knew Sasquatch required so much grooming. If you do not receive another post soon, then we probably perished in this blasted, hot desert. Winter does not seem to affect this place. We are not as far North as I had suspected. We are certainly much further south than I had thought us to be.

Anywho, the people here are just plain rude, I tell you what. I mean, three young, good-looking gentlemen are stranded on the road and not a single person will pull over for even a second. Not even the fine ladies. We’ve come up with some theories over the past couple days as to why they won’t pull over. Some of which include: common curtsey don't exist no more, everyone is stupid, Moonshine’s beard is scaring the crap out of people, and that maybe we’re not as sexy as we used to be. That last one of course is ridiculous but Pablo said to put it on the list.

Although, I will admit I’m starting to have my doubts, since most of the people driving the cars, that have ignored us, are young women. Is it possible I’m not as sexy as I know I am…? Ridiculous. I side with Moonshine and blame Pablo.



  1. I think you guys are crazy....but funny, too. :)

  2. Don't listen to them Pablo! you totally rock that sexy 'stache!