Saturday, December 21, 2013

Seriously, Pablo, What is Love

Sorry, I couldn’t finish the story yesterday. Apparently there is some kinda policy against napping in a public library. The manager came and kicked us out of the little pink castle in the kid’s reading corner. I told him we was just lyin’ down for a few minutes but he wouldn’t hear of it. Stupid library! Shouldn’t even be called a Li-brary. You can’t even lie down for two seconds without someone yelling at ya. It’s more like a Stand-brary or a You-filthy-bums-better-get-outta-here-before-I-call-the-cops-brary. The library is like all government agencies. I don’t care if it’s CIA, FBI, NSA, ATF, NBC, CBS, CNN, or UPS. Not a dang one of them can be trusted!  

Anyways, back to our conversation yesterday. We were in the middle of trying to figure out “what love is.” Pablo was trying to convince us that he really did love that mule, Lil Esperanza and that he wouldn’t leave without her.

Me: Seriously, Pablo, what is love?

Pablo: Do you really want to know?

Me: Yes, I do.

Pablo: Well, love is…love is when you care for someone more than yourself. It is when you want them to be happy because it makes you happy that they are happy, and thus, you are happy. It is like a fire that burns in your chest and you never want that fire to go out. You never want to leave her. You wanna build the flame. Grow the fire, share those powerful emotions with each other in ways that only you two can.

Moonshine: Really…?

Pablo: Yes.

Me: Wow, Pablo, that was just so, so…stupid! That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard in my life!

Moonshine: Where did you get that crap, off a bathroom wall?

Pablo: No, es true! I thought about it for a long time. That’s how I feel about Lil Esperanza.

Me: Seriously, Pablo, I know you’re speakin’ English but sometimes I just don’t understand you.

Well after laughing in Pablo’s face for a while, we decided we needed to get going. So we put Pablo in a chokehold until he passed out, then we gurney’d his ass outta there on his cooler.

We’re off to the next fishin’ hole, heading south along the Green River. We hear there is a giant fishing hole with catfish as big as Pablo in Lake Powell. As for “what is love?” Well like I’ve said before, I am a seeker of truth. If anyone can give me something better than the crap Pablo just spewed, I am all ears. Adios, amigos!


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