Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Packin it up.. Packin it in...

Well we’re finally out of here. We are packin’ it up and heading south for the winter. The fish ain’t hungry here but we sure are. We haven’t eaten much in a while and Pablo’s cricket taquito’s is given me the runs. And to top it off, Pablo just drank the last beer!

For those of you wondering, aside from the occasional periods of starvation, this is the life. I am my own master. I am a free spirit. I pee where I please. No man is my master. My only responsibility is to have fun in the sun and enjoy the view. What could be better than road tripping and fishing with my buddies? Sleeping in the great outdoors under the stars and seeing the whole wide world, one river at a time? The places and things I’ve seen are amazing. Yup, this is the life, me amigos. I ask you people, is there anything better than this?


1 comment:

  1. Pablo traigame un traguito! Estoy trabajando y no hay cerveza! Ayudame amigo!