Friday, December 20, 2013

What is love?

 This is something I’ve been pondering on fer a while now… at least the past twenty minutes or so. What is love? Ya see, Moonshine, Pablo and me was just fixin’ to leave the little home we found to head to the town library and then back onto the road. The open road is our real home but Pablo did not want to go. Let me back up a little.

See over the past few days Pablo had become mighty fond of one of them mules over in the field in front of our new house. He even named her… "Lil Esperanza." He wanted to take her with us but I told him that nothing would bring border patrol down on us quicker than hijackin a mule. We didn’t have the money to pay for her and people probably wouldn’t take fish for currency. Anywho, it went something like this.

Me: Pablo, it ain’t right. She doesn’t belong to you.

Pablo: But I love her. She es hermosa y perfecta.

Me: Love? Do you even know what love is, amigo?

Pablo: Of course I do. Do you?

Me: Well I uh…sure I do. It’s when you feel real good about a woman. And she feels real good about you… and uh…Moonshine, help me out here!

Moonshine: Heck if I know! The closest thing I’ve had to a date is when that waitress gave me the Heimlich maneuver, when I was chockin’ on that chicken wing at that dinner in Arkansas, remember?

Me: Oh yeah! I remember that. She was a mighty big girl too, as I recall. Had some meat on her bones! hahahaha!

Pablo: Yeah, she said, she had a fat skeleton.

Me: I ain’t never seen a fat skeleton.

Moonshine: Yeah, ha ha… hilarious…

Me: She still writin’ you?

Moonshine: If by writin’, you mean stalkin’? Then, yes. I don’t know how she finds me. I’m hundreds of thousands of miles away! You’d think she’d get the hint.

To be continued…



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  2. What is this? Seems pretty ridiculous to me ...