Thursday, January 23, 2014

A true love story...

Well this here is my first try at my book. I aint never written a book, so this is as new for me as it is for any of you. Unless of course some of you has written books, then obviously that don't apply. Moonshine and Pablo helped with the editing, but like all things, I think it needs a set up, so here goes.

Fix your eyes yonder upon this setting sun.

Pretend for a second that it is an english sun set. You hear the crickets chirping, the cool wind brushes against your cheek and you close your eyes. Now when you open them, you'll be in the first kingdom in a new country that is coming to be known as Britain. 
"Once upon a time, in a big bushy forest, that was dark, there was a man named Bandor. He had mighty beard, and a loving family. He had a wife named fuss bucket Maggie cause she nagged him all the day long, as women often do. Oh and they had a little girl named Princess. Princess had big pretty blue eyes and long coffee colored hair and as her dad was building their house in the forest a giant bird eagle squished him like a bug!"
Well that's my start, what do you all think so far? Moonshine says you can't judge a book by its start, so I'm nervous, but I'd like to write more.

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