Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Sitting on the doc of the bay

I really love that song! I hear it every time I fish on a doc. Aint no such thing as wasting time when your fishing though. That's a sacred place for man and fish. Well, anywho, here's the deal, Moonshine and I was talking on the doc that day about the dream I had about Prince and Princess, you know, them kids that was in love. Well anyhow Moonshine decided he ought to add his two cents.

He's all "you should write a love story." And I was a bit shocked by that. What was even more shocking was Moonshine siding with Pablo. Moonshine was like, "Heck yeah man! That would be one heck of a good story."

Well, I hate to admit it, but them boys got me flustrated, as you can see below.

Well I don't know exactly what to do on this here topic. Do I write a love story? Or do I just keep on talking about the places I been and the things I seen? Like this here sunset for example. Would ya'll rather I talk about adventures, or tell you my story?