Thursday, January 9, 2014

Epiphany, apostrophe, serendipity, and revenge...

Hello All! Hope you had a Merry Christmas and Happy New years. I probably should have put that in a post closer to the holidays, but whatever, least I remembered. Anywho, it started to get real cold in Green River City. Moonshine was all boo-hoo'in about the cold so he got us on the road. For sometime now he's been going on and on about Lake Powell. He thinks they have catfish as big as people down there. I don't know where he gets these ideas from, but who ever heard of a catfish as big as a person? Well anywho, I have a funny story to tell about our Christmas, even though I don't really want to tell it. Pablo sort of made me... and so in that great spirit of giving, he gave me some brews for it. Go on, settle in, and adjust yourselves... this here is going to take a minute.

So what happened was, Moonshine wouldn't shut up about always gettin' crap kicked in his mouth and to boot, he kept on about this whole love thing. I never heard a body mutter so much about love.

Anywho, Pablo was back at camp, said he wanted to stand guard and make sure none of our sleeping bags was stolen. He always seems to end up watching our stuff. It's makes me more than a little suspicious.

I'm 100% positive that he might be up to something like the above. I swear he's been eatin' the fish and drinking all the beer. 

So anywho, o'l Moonshine had himself an epiphany. He decided to extract some revenge on me for winning the crap off. Course I should have known something was fishy when he kept badgering Pablo for the camera. Anywho, that's what I get for letting my guard down. 

Well, there I was, taking a nap, and I had me this dream that I can't really talk about right now, but it was an apostrophe! I mean an epiphany! I mean it was serendipity! Probably wouldn't have happened if we weren't talking about love so dang much. Anywho, I was, minding my own bees wax and taking myself a nice nap. While I was in the middle of dreaming the dream of dreams, Moonshine took a bunch of pictures of himself. Go ahead and scroll down, it is kind of funny to watch the sneaky S.O.B get animated. Even if it is at my expense. 

Right here I was having one heck of a nightmare. I dreamed I was trapped in a gas chamber. Turns out that wasn't too far from the truth.

I told Moonshine I was gonna back hand his filthy butt!

Anywho, you can see that Moonshine takes Crap offs a little personal. That's ok that he got me while I was sleeping, cause I got him at least a dozen times while he was awake. Well, we got to get back on the road. When we get to Lake Powell, and I have a minute, remind me to tell ya'll about my dream. Until we meet again, keep gettin' while the gettin's good! 



  1. Run Moonshine! H.R. is going to gator twist your arms off!

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    1. I gotta be honest with you anonymous, Nerd Chick does most of this stuff. I have no idea how to do any of this. Sorry it took so long to get back to you. Audrey just showed me your comment.