Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Juan Strikes Back

THIS IS MY BLOG H.R.! Mine! You can't take from me what is mine!

I put yer pictures up and I get to tell people funny things. Ha! Ha! Ha! I make all the kids at school laugh at you! Ha! Ha! Ha! Look at me, I'm Henry Retard stupid fat head face! I stole the blog from an innocent little boy but I forgot to change the password.

You want to step in the ring with this luchadore? Bring it! I aint scared! I have the master password! If you want my blog, pay me uno million dollars for it! HA! HA! HA!

Tio tries to tell me to give it back, because Moonshine is upset, but I don't listen. I don't care! IT'S MY BLOG! NO ONE CAN HAVE IT BUT ME!

If you want it back you have give me a King size Snickers Tio!

Ha! Ha! Juan strikes BACK!

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