Thursday, January 16, 2014

Indian Doll Houses...

So Moonshine is kind of sick and twisted! We was hanging out in front of this red rock hill, wondering what all them holes was used for.

A tourist told us that Indians used to put dolls in those giant holes.

I put my fist in there just to see how big it was and when I pulled it out, there wasn't no doll, just a giant black widow dangling on my finger tips. I screamed like a girl and Moonshine laughed at me, then when I saw I wasn't bit, he sort of had this weird grin on his face. He's all, "Once again, the all mighty protected me and cursed you!" Right about then, we heard Pablo munching away at a bag of Skittles. He has a way of putting the green and yellow ones back in the bag and eating all the orange, red, and purple ones. So anywho, we managed to get the yellow ones away from him before he buried them. He swears they sprout out of the ground and turn into red ones if you bury them. Says he saw it on t.v. once, "Has to be true!"

Just about then Moonshine and I tried to catch them in our mouth.

Now this is not why Moonshine is a sick and twisted individual. Moonshine is sick and twisted because after we chewed up all them yellow Skittles, he started combing his beard and he was all like, "Hey man, if I was a baby with a beard, would you put me in one of them doll houses?" Now Moonshine has asked me many a stupid question in his day, but never, in all my years has he ever put the image of a little bitty baby with a beard on its face in my mind. I especially never had to go through the anxiety of abandoning a weird little bearded baby in an Indian doll houses. Pablo said I was mistaken. He said Moonshine weren't sick and twisted at all, he said he was brilliant and creative. Anywho, what do you all think? Sick and twisted? Or brilliant creative mind? Well anyhow, I put some pictures of Moonshine and Pablo climbing the rock. Pablo aint never going to leave that ice chest behind. He takes it with him every where he goes.


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