Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Love aint so easy...

Well, apparently the conversation about love wasn't quite over. Moonshine woke me up the other night and was all like, "Dang man, love is hard to define." He talked about how the love he had for his Mom was different than the love he had for his old girlfriend (assuming he ever had a girlfriend) and then he concluded with how his love for his supposed girlfriend was different than the love he had for his dog.
I'm not really one to get into such deep conversations, but daw gone moonshine was all, "those kinds of love just aint the same." Then Pablo got started with how his love for beer is different than his love for men (Just kidding Pablo) but he was saying his one true love (a senorita) back home (wherever the heck he's from) is worth all the beer in the world.

I myself could not imagine one woman being worth all the beer in the world, but the point is, Moonshine and Pablo picked people over adventures and such. See Pablo and Moonshine's ideas of love were totally different than mine. For me, love for fishing is entirely different than my love for hunting. But I've never had a woman to compare those loves to. And seeing as how I'm an original Delta Blue (That's a classy title for River Rat), I had no one to truly compare love to as Moonshine and Pablo had. I grew up moving up and down the Mississippi all my life. I never had one female I grew very fond of. I guess i'm still confused on what love really is?!?

So anywho, this here conversation got me to thinking, maybe the distance I keep from the ladies is robbing me of something. And if so, what am I being robbed of?  Experience is the teacher of all life's lessons and since I don't really have experience with this, it is one lesson I am really struggling to get. Anyone out there in T.V. land got any good advice for a seeker of truth?

P.S. T.V. Land
Moonshine is a bit worried about the younger folks reading foul language. Seeing as how he's a Christian and all, I suppose that is a matter that concerns him, so if our cursing offended any of you youngens, I sincerely apologize and promise to keep the S- word and F- word out of this here. Even though I know all you little bastards use that kind of language every day on play ground. I guess I should be man enough to clean my mouth up in the presence of perspective ladies.

Well, here we go, on the road again. Going down the only road I ever known. Like a twister, we was born to ride alone.


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