Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Set Pablo Free!

So here's a funny bit about Pablo. Pablo is a merchant extraordinaire. For the ten years we've known Pablo, he won't never tell us where he's from. Not even a hint. Every time we ask, it sort of goes like this;

Pablo: "I'm from the north part of the south end of a nice little fishing village... And I like grapes."

No matter how you cut the cheese on that answer, it don't make no sense. Anywho, Moonshine, being the conversationalist that he is, asks, "How did you get into the United States." Now this is where Pablo's silver tongue really sparkles.

Pablo: "I don't know if you don't know me, and I don't care if you don't like me, I'm going to tell you a little story."

Course he never tells us where he's from, he just gives us some bit about, "One time, he was fishing and one guy said, 'check out my new boat'," then Pablo goes on to say, "Yeah, let me try it!" When we press him where he took the boat he says, "What was the questions again?" So of course, we spin circles and chase our own tail. Now, I'm not the kind of fella that presses a man who doesn't want to answer questions. Moonshine on the other hand has kitty cat for brains. He's a very curious manimal. Being the curious manimal he is, Moonshine up and asks Pablo at least a dozen times, "But where abouts are you really from?" To each inquiry, Pablo has a different answer. I suppose I like this one the best.

Pablo: "So I was walking down this road one time and this little lady on a bike said, 'hey man check out my new moped,'" So Pablo responded, "Ok! I can go for a ride."

Anywho, as we were walking through the gates of Lake Powell, Pablo saw a Forest Ranger at the check in station. As many of you know, we shy away from authority, but Pablo goes the distance. See if you can find him way out there in the brush. Course he can't tell the difference between the men in green suits with shiny badgers and the Forest Rangers in green suits with shiny badgers. To him, they are both the same. I think Pablo went out so far because Moonshine had a Forest Ranger take our picture as we passed through the gate. Pretty dang funny Pablo.

Well anywho, Moonshine was thinking we should write a book called where's Pablo. It could be a play off of, "Where's Waldo?" Thoughts T.V. land?


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