Saturday, January 25, 2014

Nerd Chick!

As many of you can see, we have had a lot of lively comments from our story telling. I'd like to highlight an event that happened on Friday. I was fishing on the banks while Moonshine was checking the blog. This chick named Sarah Williams left many colorful comments and Moonshine was having a conversation with her that went something like this.

Moonshine: Why do you hate us? 
Sarah Williams: Because you're misoygnistic pigs!
Pablo: Bless you. 
Moonshine: This girl thinks were pigs.
H.R.: Is she hot?
Pablo: Yes!
Moonshine: I don't think that's her picture Pablo.
H.R.: Tell her to piss off!

So Moonshine, being the gentlemen that he is, wrote this instead,
"Well thank you for your thoughtful detailed comments Nerd Chick! I'm not exactly certain how to process your advice, but I shall take it under consideration. Do you seriously like the story? Cause I know I can make it better, especially if you'd be willing to help, cause as you can plainly see, we need all the help we can get." 


  1. Well I'm glad you posted part of our email conversation. Reading your previous posts, I'm actually surprised you edited what you did, but you got the main points: You guys are pigs, but I'm interested in your story. You obviously need some hefty editing and enlightenment. What else do you have?

    1. Awww ... you do like them Sarah! See, their redneck-edness is just too endearing :)