Monday, September 29, 2014

Prince & Princess is like Heinz ketchup...

Good things come to those who wait!

The moment I never thought would come, has finally arrived. My book is finished and ready for sale! Can't believe it took dang near a year to write this thing and although it's the most difficult task I've ever under taken, I'd say it's darn worth it! I'm sure most you are like, "yeah, we know you gotta book, you been posting it all over them comicon pictures." To that I must say, it wasn't actually my book, that was just a rough draft that got worked up. You know it was a fake cause the back says, "PROOF". Which according to Nerd Chick isn't proof you have a book, it's a "proof read."

Anywho, I got me a published book with my name on it. My blood sweat and tears went into this here and Nerd Chick done helped put it together. Thank you Nerd Chick! Your the best Nerd whose a chick I ever known. Pablo and I are singing your praises and dancing the la cooka rocha around the book!

He especially likes this part.

I aint never seen Pablo dance like that. Didn't tell him and Moonshine (God bless you where ere you are) that I decided to put their pic in the back of the book. Them fella's has been such an inspiration to me and I mean heck, they been along for most of the ride. The day we took this pic, was a special moment to me. We survived the winter and I aint never going to forget all these fellas has done for me. Just seemed like they should be apart of it. 

   Any o'l who, every party has to get crashed, which is apparently my daughter Audrey's job. She killed the mood by asking, "how do we sell it?" That right there is a dang good question. How do you sell this here book? Anyone got any ideas?


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