Thursday, September 11, 2014

Dudes of Marvel Comic con 2014

Guess ya'll can tell I like Marvel way more than DC. Mostly cause I grew up on these comics. Anywho, I got some duplicates so ya'll can tell me which one you like best.

This here is the only Deadpool I have....

Mostly cause this fella below is Deadpool meets Gandalf, meets Prince & Princess

Thor is the man! This dude looks so much like him. By the way, that's a tots different Deadpool in the back ground.

Loki seems to be a pretty popular costume. There were many fem Loki's.

Captain America meets the Winter Soldier

And this here is the real winter soldier

Course what would comic con be like without Wolverine

Spiderman shot a web at my book, wasn't able to get him pulling it in though, but trust me, he did ;-)

Hope ya'll liked the pics. I'll throw some more up tomorrow.

In case you don't know by now, that's my freaking book! I wrote it! I made it! I thought it up! Go get it here: 

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