Monday, September 1, 2014

A new page...

Howdy ya'll. I been getting a lot of questions about this and that lately. Mostly, I wanna talk about that. The "that" in my life is the next phase. I guess ya'll could say I have evolved. Considering I am now finished with my book (thank ya Nerd Chick) the question has been posed to me, "how are you going to sell it?" I got one word to describe how I'm going to sell my book: entrepreneurship!
Entrepreneurship is an amazing thing. It's sort of how I've been all my life. The other day when I was in the library with Audrey, I snuck a book out called, "The Lean Startup." Don't worry, I aint a thief or nothing like that, so I'll be sure to get it back, but what this book has to say could change my life... If ya'll have read it, I'm at the experiment phase of the process. Here is my hypothesis:

1) People like my book.
I know this because ya'll write me and tell me so. Thank you so much for liking my book. Course that don't account for some of the emails I get where they don't like my book at all. That's ok though, cause I get way more people that like it than don't.

2) I got a book in my hand and I need to sell it.
If I can sell my books, I think the best place is at an event called, "Comicon."

Audrey told me about this place in Salt Lake City.  Folks get dressed up and such and walk around in costumes buying this and that and the other, so I should be able to sell some books. I mean heck, if a dude wearing fish tackle and swinging his hips can sell pizzas by standing on the street corner, then I can sell some books at a halloween event. Since we are just about an hour away, it shouldn't be too hard to get on over there. Course I have a lot to do, so I'll get to it and see ya'll over there in a couple days. Till then, enjoy what's left of your summer!

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