Friday, September 26, 2014


Now that the ice bucket challenge is long over, I got to thinking... What if I could do something like that for my book? By that I mean, what if I could start a campaign that got people to buy my book? So instead of dumping ice on your head and challenging each other to freeze yourselves to dang near death, what if ya'll challenged each other to read a book? Doesn't have to be my book, but it would be pretty dang cool if it was! I imagine my social media campaign would go something like this.

ME: "Hey Joker!"

JOKER: "Yessss?"


JOKER: "Oh, well since you put it that way..."

JOKERS GIRLFRIEND: "We gotta book!" 

Pablo: "Be like Joker and his woman, GETTA BOOK!"

I think this will totally work! Have a good one ya'll and in case ya forgot: GETTA BOOK HERE: P&P

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