Thursday, September 11, 2014

Couples of Comic con SLC 2014

Wanna train a dragon ladies? First you gotta train yourself a man! Good luck with this Viking. He's bone headed, clumsy, fool hearted, and at times, just plain stupid. Them are all characteristics I personally subscribe to, so it's probably time for me to go train dragons. Boyah! That would rock!

I aint exactly sure what this robo dude is doing with a gold mouse, but whateves. 

Now here's a magical couple. I bet they met at Hogwarts or some such.

Now this couple was from that movie Guardians of the Galaxy. Audrey loved that movie, so I guess I like it too. I don't think they look anything like Star Lord and whatever that Green chicks name is that had all them daddy issues. But it's still fun to see them at Comic con. 


Same theme, different actors. Believe it or not, the chick in the mask is a chick. I think these two look way more like them actors in Guardian of the galaxy then the two above... even though the couple below is both chicks. 

I like these two a lot. This is Mystique and Dude Mystique. Sooo awesome! Could ya'll imagine that? You could turn into whoever you wanted and do... just about anything ;-) (kids ya'll kids read this!) 

Kind of shocks me that people don't know what movie these Ghostbuster look a likes hail from. Though the chick costume is not historically accurate, on account of their aint no chick ghost busters, I hear that's about to change. So that should be something to look forward to. 

Flyn Ryder & Rapunzel... In my humble opine, these two is spittin images! Good job guys. Love the book too!

First fem storm trooper I ever seen. The world is changing boys. Hot chicks is entering the ranks and I don't think storm troopers is upset about that. 

Mr. & Mrs. Joker are a straight trip. Best dang costumes and freaking amazing poses. They should be in the next Bat movies. 

His Lord & Lady Comicon. Jolly old fellows enjoying a dang good book and such. I highly recommend ya'll do the same. Get it here: 

Or get the book here: 

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