Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Chicks of Comic con

This next section, I call, "The Chicks" for obvious reasons. But since there were so many, I'm breaking them up into DC chicks and Marvel chicks. Hope ya'll like it.


I aint exactly sure where this chick belongs. She's dressed like Princess Leia, but she's crossed themes with Harley Quinn. For that reason, I'm going to put her in both Star Wars and DC categories. She's certainly earned double entry, I mean heck, she choked out Jabba and probably made him laugh a little.

These ladies are straight poison. As Audrey would say, "Who wore it best?"

Female joker. Love it!

I'll show ya'll the Marvel chicks tomorrow. In case ya'll didn't know, that's my freaking book. Go get it here: http://ow.ly/BoR9B 

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