Friday, September 12, 2014

The odd ducks of comic con...

Not really sure how to classify this next one, therefore, I dub it, "the odd duck costumes of comic con". To set a standard for what is an odd duck and what isn't, let's begin with Dead Pool Gandalf, which you can clearly see below.

This man obviously combined costumes, but just to be sure, I asked him if he killed Gandalf and wore his beard, cape, and took his staff. He stuttered a bunch, but eventually confirmed that he was in fact trying to combine outfits. So clearly, he is not an odd duck. The young woman in the picture below on the other hand... clearly an odd duck! Who or what in the heck is she? She looks normal, but she's wearing a red scarf. When asked what her character was, she couldn't tell me because I didn't recognize her. She qualifies as an odd duck.

These two stunning ladies definitely qualify as odd ducks!

I aint sure what this little girl was supposed to be. She got a unicorn horn, and angel wings, but her green hair threw me. Is she a Unicorn angel or something? Anywho, she put a lot of work into her costume, so she gets an A+ in my book... but she is certainly an odd duck.

I aint exactly sure what this critter is supposed to be. I put him in the demon category, but apparently that's wrong. He's some character from some internet thing. Anywho, he's definitely an odd duck! Mostly cause he aint got no eyes.

This pic is just to get you back to zero. She aint an odd duck, but I aint exactly sure who she's supposed to be. I guess she's the female version of captain hook, but without the hook. Anywho, she's hot so that disqualifies her from odd duckdom.

I love this pic. Something about blue hair makes me laugh. All giggles aside though, she's an odd duck because I have no freaking clue who she is!

I aint exactly sure who this chick is, but she walked around with Zelda all day, so I assume she's got something to do with that. She's definitely an odd duck!

I aint exactly sure who this chick is either, but any chick that carries around a Samurai sword in a navy chick suit is a-ok in my book. And since she's carrying my book, that makes her double ok. Anywho, them are the odd ducks of comic con. Enjoy! And if you aint got my book yet, get to gettin: Prince & Prince, Into the Shadows

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