Sunday, September 7, 2014

At a loss fer my feels...

Audrey left :-(

The girl who may or may not be my daughter has gone back from whence she came. I gotta be honest, it was much harder seeing her go than seeing Moonshine leave. Course I know school is important, so I will try not to be too sad. Dang man, I can't believe I lost them both to school. I freaking hate school! But the thing with Moonshine is, I've known that Yeti since before I could grow a mustache. And although I was sad to see him go, at least I know where he is. I have no idea where Audrey is going and that worries me. Audrey, if you are reading this, Pablo and I put our beer money in your bag. If you ever want to come back to us, use the money to catch a bus ticket and we will find you. Not sure how to describe the emptiness inside. It makes me ask the question, what exactly is love? Guess I have a new quest. I gotta find it.

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